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New Update 2022-06-11


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I would like to reduce the spawn time of world bosses to 1 hour from the original 3 hours, which I think doesn't make sense. Cuz it only drops garbage and the new quest to get rid of it can't be done.It dies all the time and too long spawn time  or modifying the hunting mission to only one is enough.

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20 minutes ago, Dajavu said:

Hi Administrator,

How does the new mission system work?

I don't know where I can get the mission.

My "My missions" window is empty.


missions empty.PNG

You can get your missions at the Mission Manager NPC in Laglamia.

Once you accepted a mission you can find it back in the My Missions window

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35 minutes ago, watboard said:

Why is the server suddenly shutting down? Are there any updates or fixes? Please clarify.


11 minutes ago, LovelyK said:

Why is the server closed?
If there are any updates or modifications, shouldn't we notify them in advance?

Just need update your game client

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