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  1. At this moment i have no estimated time for when a new update comes. I am currently working on a update for another game and i can only do one thing at a time. Ofcourse i am always happy to hear ideas and suggestions for a new update
  2. At the moment there is not much i can do. I am out of the country until august 11. When i am back at my computer i will fix this problem
  3. You can get your missions at the Mission Manager NPC in Laglamia. Once you accepted a mission you can find it back in the My Missions window
  4. Sadly i can't find why this is happening yet
  5. For this specific mission there is a 12 hour time to complete and after 48 hours you can start it again. I can understand that you were not able to complete it within the 12 hours because it was not working. If you wish to reset the time for this mission because of this reason, please send a ticket with the name of the character.
  6. It depends on who makes the hits, the hits of a summon won't count
  7. https://database.lhgenericname01.lc/items/view/12084
  8. No, to prevent people making a lot of new chars to farm points and trade the rewards they are all not tradable, same with the daily rewards. The bracelet is without options because you need to create a ticket to choose which options you want to have.
  9. If your guild wins Shilon then you get 2 points. 2 Points for Whitehorn crystal and 1 point for the flag. Last man standing you get 3 points because there is only 1 winner CTF the entire winning team gets 1 point I forgot to mention in the patch notes : The losing team in CTF will also get a reward now. The winner gets 2 potions, the losing team 1 Maybe that will make less people leave when they notice they are in a weaker team
  10. Any minute now, I am just making a last database backup now and then i start the servers
  11. Today the new update is finally done! We have worked on new endgame content but also improved a few things for new players. New Content - We have opened the full map of Atlantis with lots of new monsters! - The Meta got a upgrade, and we can now hunt for the 900 meta in Egeha - At the same time we have also added the 999 Meta, which you can hunt in Atlantis - Atlantis Mystery Stone added as global drop in Atlantis - new Tier 5 Sub Weapons. You will need level 980 for this, can be obtained in Atlantis - Medium 100% Upgrade warranty added for level 501-700 equipment. (drops in Dekadun) - New Necklace of Hero added New Systems: Mission System Because the quest system in Laghaim is limited we decided to create a new system. This is a nice way to get cool prizes! We already added quite a few missions for characters of level 200-700 with a few missions for all levels. We plan to add more missions from time to time. Daily Reward System Every day you login, for 28 days you can claim a reward. This reward is aimed towards leveling and is mainly created for new players, but everyone can benefit from it. Old and new characters PVP Point Rewards System Every time your guild wins a war or CTF or you win the Last Man Standing event you will receive PVP Points. In Laglamia there is a NPC where you can exchange these points for nice rewards. Finally you can win something nice for being pro at pvp! Changes for New Players To lighten up the content a little we have decided to make it easier to start the server. These are the things we decided to do : - Exp requirements for level 0-400 lowered quite a lot - Monsters in Dekadun made a little easier to kill and tank - Lv400 Weapon : Recipe droprate increased and required material amounts lowered - Lv450 Armor : Godstone added as global drop in S3 and S4 - Lv500 Weapon : Required materials lowered - Lv600 Weapon : Required materials lowered - Lv600 Armor : Recipe droprate increased - Lv700 Weapon : Recipe price lowered and required materials lowered - Lv700 Armor : Required materials lowered - Decadun Affinity: required points to open the shop lowered - Merac Affinity : Required points to open the shop lowered - Amount of monsters in S3 and S4 doubled
  12. Have you completely updated the client by starting the Laghaim.exe?
  13. As you might remember, a few months ago i posted a topic on the forum searching for players to help balance the PVP. Sadly we only had a few reactions at first, and not everyone joined with the right intentions. Luckily there were also some that did have the right intentions. Therefore i also want say a BIG thank you to these people for working really hard with GM Lars to get this figured out. Like everything, it is impossible to simulate all the same situations on the test server that could happen on the real server. So there might still be small things that work out different in a real situation, rest assured that we will deal with these issues when they are reported. I know you guys might want to know the exact changes that are done, but it is impossible to explain exactly how this works as we did nearly no skill specific changes. I hope the PVP balance we offer now will result in a more gameplay fun. If you have any concerns, suggestions or reports please send us a ticket. Fighting about it and blaming each other on the forum will not be helpful.
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