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  1. We don't offer the service to transfer all your data from one server to the other.
  2. Normal Server : Monday - 20:00h Tuesday - 23:00h Wednesday - 02:00h Thursday - 05:00h Friday - 08:00h Saturday - 11:00h Sunday - 17:00h Hardcore Server: Monday - 18:00h Tuesday - 11:00h Wednesday - 08:00h Thursday - 04:00h Friday - 17:00h Saturday - 20:00h Sunday - 15:00h
  3. A wiki is a community driven project, feel free to contribute yourself
  4. The message is just a forgotten testserver message, nothing more. It is not the message from the Exp accumulation event, you also don't receive the exp twice.
  5. Don't worry about the player data, that has been backed up twice daily since day one. And after the backup it is copied to 2 different servers. I just never considered to do the same for the forum before.
  6. As most of you know by now there has been a great fire in the datacentre that hosted our forum server. During this fire many server have been destroyed and sadly our forum server with all its data was one of them. Because this was hosted in a cloud environment i never really thought it would be necessary to back up all the data like i do with the game servers. Unfortunately this means that everything is gone and we're left with a empty forum. All accounts, all posts, all guides, all pm's, it is all gone. I want to use this fresh start of our forum to keep things more organised. Topics in the right forums, offtopic replies deleted and a favor for informative and useful topics. GM Skye is working hard to re-upload all the data for our Wiki. Luckily, he was a lot smarter than me to back up his data!
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