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  1. Last week
  2. no sir. my level has passed the rules of quest
  3. For this specific mission there is a 12 hour time to complete and after 48 hours you can start it again. I can understand that you were not able to complete it within the 12 hours because it was not working. If you wish to reset the time for this mission because of this reason, please send a ticket with the name of the character.
  4. It depends on who makes the hits, the hits of a summon won't count
  5. honestly i can't take the quest anymore 😞
  6. Has anyone been able to locate Iron Tank for the Elite mission? I can't seem to find the mob in either GWH as well as Genus (database).
  7. It seems race specific. Aidia can't hit the bosses, while for example Hybrider can.
  8. I would like to reduce the spawn time of world bosses to 1 hour from the original 3 hours, which I think doesn't make sense. Cuz it only drops garbage and the new quest to get rid of it can't be done.It dies all the time and too long spawn time or modifying the hunting mission to only one is enough.
  9. Thx SEFA, yes i use the Game10 Exe, forget to write it down.
  10. every time click mission twice,gonna have an error, anyone experienced this too?
  11. Hi, my first thought is, u use windows 10, u open the Game10.exe or use launcher? If u use the launcher, try Game10. Exe to start the game :)
  12. Hello! Seems that quests Knowing the bosses of S3 and S4 no count when you hit bosses. I already ask for admin fix.
  13. Hey Guys, I have some issues with my Laptop and Play the Game, dont missunderstoof me, i can play yes, but its very laggy: MSI Apache Pro GE 72 VR 6RF Geforce GTX 1060 Intel Core I7 6700 8x 2,6 GHZ 16 GB Ram Winfows 10 I cant open to games to Trade something, the Performance goes soo down, that i hve some Diashow on the Screen. I play the Game in Window Mode. And in Mode Windows 8 before that windows XP Service Pack 3. When i use the onboad Grafikcard its better but also laggy, when i use my Geforce it is working ablittle bit better when i look top down on my Chatär, when i would like to look in far, no Chance, Diashow again. All drivers are updated and up to date, anyone have any other ideas?
  14. Earlier
  15. 0 hit damage how to do that punch boss until it misses?
  16. Please tell me the objective of the Quest Knowing the bosses of S4. i have done with 5hits all the bosses but nothing happen. and also i kill 5 bosses except amden orc. but nothing happen to.
  17. Normally, the only difference was the type of animal and the damage around x3x4 of lower rank sub weapon. 0.46 sec time.
  18. What is the difference between AD T4 and T5?
  19. Dailaon Increase Critical 5% Increase All Defense 5% Increase Evasion 5% thank you sir
  20. https://database.lhgenericname01.lc/items/view/12084
  21. The Great Turquoise reward on the hardcore servers goes to LuckyKP. He has a problem with login on forum. =================END==================
  22. That fixed long time ago, no more than 30 levels
  23. Have you fixed the party equals experience bug? Can party with more than 30 levels of characters.
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