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  4. I don't see a ticket from you. What is your character name in game?
  5. okay thank you, I've made the ticket. what should i do again. I will waiting.
  6. https://support.lhgenericname01.lc/
  7. what is the meaning of ticket? If necessary, I will send my ID and password, so please send your email address, please help.
  8. Send us a ticket please. We can't help here in the forum.
  9. About Rewards: Players Level 900 or more need Open a Ticket and choose: - In what character want received Weapon 925+10(cannot trade) or can choose other weapon(800, 700 if want but no will be compensate) - 800 Armor Black, Blue or Red - Fancy set that exist in game (Used in Event Slot) - Minipet that exist in game Players Level 850-899 need Open a Ticket and choose: - Moonshadow Red male or female - Red or Blue wolf minipet Players Level 800-850 no need open ticket, only if want change weapon. Model of Ticket: I
  10. words like this: id already in use. please wait 3 minutes and try again.
  11. when logging in after entering the id and password for some reason it always issued those words, did my id or character get a bug. please find out and my character name is Shadowheart
  12. Hello Pease explain better your problem. What happen when you try enter in game? If you have some image also can add
  13. here I would like to mention that there is a technical problem where I cannot enter the game. please help and be resolved immediately
  14. Earlier
  15. hello its good now i have been stuck 25/30 min then i could have log in
  16. Hello In these cases it is better, you write a ticket. You will usually be helped faster there. Your character still stuck ingame?
  17. hello i have been full disconnected today and during the last mobius my box get a weird crash then i'm in impossibility to log back i have wait more than the 3 min message from client. is it possible to cut log my account and those from my wife before the end of mobius ? during level up event its really annoying
  18. Hello. We haven't a rank because this event dont have a top5. You will get reward according your level when event ended. Map Merac in Hardcore Server is level 550 since last year. we dont make this only for event level up.
  19. it is lvl event no ranking sir and u have make 700 map on lvl 550 in event why
  20. Hello During Level Up Event we follow calendar announced before event start. Nothing will be changed for be fair to all.
  21. That would be great ! If you could please open Tarian map on 26 of MARCH... Not being ungreatfull but in Merac is expensive to lvl up and the outcome is not great.
  22. Hi, Can u open the Tarian Map a little bit faster then 31.3.2021 ? the players with lvl 700+ doesnt go lvl at the moment at Merac with this Exp. i need from lvl 737 to 738 more then 1,5 hours and all with 300% thats more then 4000LP in 30 mins.( DEF, ATT, EXP, Star Candy, 30k HP and speed ) Thats absolutly crazy. 1 lvl is 1,5 hours , 3x 4300LP = 12.900LP for 1 lvl.
  23. You can search on Youtube LHGenericname01 for more guide
  24. Pharous Earth Dragon - 10 mins Mother Dragon - 20 mins Genus Laboratory Mouel - 12 hours Kisare - 2 hours Sicrin - 2 hours Beradin - 2 hours Sharklord - 2 hours Dmitron Serpent Queen - 48 hours Durant - 12 hours Cornu Serpent - 1 hour (for the lv.345 Necklace of Hero quest) Turan/Balkariya/Barsha/Queiz/Beagrid 3 Bosses on each map - 3 hours Forlorn Ruin S3 [BOSS] Luna shark - 10 mins Generic Sword Recipe, Generic Axe Recipe [BOSS] Kiold - 10 mins Gene
  25. - a wrong item was removed from the Easter Surprise Box 2021 drop list
  26. - Easter drop event added - These items are tradable now: Shiny Ring Bright Red Ring Bright Green Ring
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