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  2. how to get materials to evolve feragon to dragon, thanks before
  3. Patchnotes April 13 LP Market sales have a expiration date of 30 days Fixes to the ingame GUI mouse clicks that sometimes didn't work Ascadia more drops with a bigger party Party play, more EXP per person in the party 17 new daily missions CTF : 2 warpoints per flag capture CTF : Only rewards are received if you are not afk for more than 60% of the time Laglamia town extended with more space and a PVP Arena PVP Arena monthly ranking added ingame Kailipton MP problems improved Kailipton wand damage slightly improved T6 Human recharge fixed 1k => 10k MP/EP/SP Increase potions added Merac set defense lowered from 952 def to 800 def Last Man Standing set defense lowered from 952 def to 800 def The Daily Missions All the new daily missions will give Mission Points as rewards. You can spend these points on the shop next to the Mission Manager Some of these missions can be done in Party. The Merac/LMS set I have decided to lower the defense of these 2 sets a little. The reason is that 952 defense per part is actually quite a lot considering that all other fancys have no more than 220 def. For those that think 800 is still too high i would like to point out that we have the [Rare] fancy's that completely upgraded give 700 def as wel as some nice options for PVP. Visit this link to see : https://database.lhgenericname01.lc/items/view/12568
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  5. 3 extra Cursed Woods PVE moments added. Now the schedule looks like this: - Monday : 17:00h - Tuesday: 11:00h - Thursday: 20:00h - Saturday: 05:00h - Sunday: 14:00h
  6. Dear GM, I have a problem to leave my guild because I am the Master of my guild itself. How can I leave or change my position to another member? Thank you
  7. Merchant Certificate shop can stay open when you are offline Drop Roll fixed for rare items Its not possible anymore to summon lower levels in higher level Pyramid rooms Easter Drop event activated
  8. Hi all, as soon as anyone got a full [Rare] Fancy set with maximum +, you can write a ticket to us that we add Full Option (HP, MP, SP, EP and recovery rate) to the parts for those it is possible to add full option. Have a great weekend
  9. 3 New wings have been added to the game. You can get these wings from the Mission Manager. Wing A and Wing B can be created directly. To create Wing C you will need to have both A and B https://database.lhgenericname01.lc/missions/view/44 https://database.lhgenericname01.lc/missions/view/45 https://database.lhgenericname01.lc/missions/view/46
  10. when the mini pet TOP 1-3 reward will be given?
  11. Here are the winners of the Lucky Event: Heart of Nightmares 5ea - GRAND6932 Talisman of Ascadia 10ea - GRAND0907 999 Meta Box - GRAND6000 Succubus of Lightning - GRAND1883 900 Meta Pocket 2ea - GRAND6868 Upgrade Warranty 100% - GRAND1112 Recipe Booster 100% - GRAND0111 Power Potion 10ea - GRAND1753 Red Rose Wing +5 - GRAND2063 Secondary Weapon T6 - GRAND6658 For the winners of T6 Secondary and Heart of Nightmares please write us a ticket with the following information: ID, Email and Pin Code of the Account of the Drawn GRAND character and where do you want to get the reward. The other Rewards will be sent automatically, please be Patient.
  12. Hello, you need to write //sales + your message, to write a repeating message in the sales channel
  13. when lucky dtaw will be announced?
  14. How to auto message announcement? When I want to announce a message to buy or sell, let all players know.
  15. Can I get a costume for rank 3 like this one?
  16. You can check your laghaim folder, search for data => Item_table and u can see all the items and names. We have no specific list for it. Some posts above I have written the "forbidden" sets, also you can’t choose sets that are not released currently, like the "normal" Assassins and Battle nuns sets
  17. Do you have a list of which fancy sets you can look for?
  18. Hello, could you please show here the Fancy Weapon option for Top Rank 1? Thank you.
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