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  3. Fancy Set for Top3 +15 or just +0?
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  5. Wing 800 900? 1 ea or full fancy slot weapon shield armor wing ring blaaa...?
  6. For Reward Fancy Set You can choose the Fancy set that already exist in game from any Events, only in game not in Forum like Auction or LMS mode
  7. Hello Magnetic! yes, we really need sets from other countries, but for now we've all the capes of countries (we add all that no exist), so we would do the event with what we had, or we wouldn't do anything. thanks for your comment, but if this event is not good for you just ignore the drops!
  8. it's a pity that only 4 countries play laghaim and they can get their country clothes and where is the rest ?? And I know why, because back in the times of the old laghaim there was a world championship there and you just threw it and made an event . Next year is the world championship you try to do something good and if you do not know what to write, I have some interesting suggestions so that I can help you because ta event what you have done now is a bad idea for me . greetings :)
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  10. Hi For + Armor 400 you need 1 God Stone 1 Regent Diamond Max for these Armor is +5
  11. The message is just a forgotten testserver message, nothing more. It is not the message from the Exp accumulation event, you also don't receive the exp twice.
  12. Hello joerg3007 I had this morning explained to me that the Received EXP display means that it is a kind of EXP memory. Regarding this, I thought you would get this EXP at the end of the x 4 event. According to guild members, this should be an indication of error. as one has just found out. You can't even get in touch via world chat. or show ne info when logging in. If you had known that beforehand, you could have used this Sunday differently. Competence team is really worth investing money here. I emphasize again that I'm new and, unlike others, haven't put that much money into here, bu
  13. hello admin what kind of unprofitable gm do you have she makes an update then she adds easter eggs and a received everybody gives out cash and levels like the stupid and at the end of x4 nothing happens here and it gets worse and worse and if you write to her she pisses you off it is useless there are a lot of members angry what they pull off here she supposedly noticed it around noon and didn't write or change anything
  14. Hello everybody. I hope google translates all of this correctly. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out how to improve the 400 armor. I only found God stones for the gun. I would like to increase each armor piece to +5. I've paused for a very long time and only know the basics of the game. I would be happy if someone can help me. thanks
  15. I just wanted to make it clear that these things have happened more often in the last few weeks. and since i haven't been playing that long and that's exactly how my private time is into your game. sounds to me like you have to adjust everything manually. well it doesn't matter. private life or not you get a lot of money for it and people follow the times you set
  16. Even a GM has a private life or forgets something. In cases like these, it is better to write a ticket. We can then react more quickly. Because these extra x4 exp Saturdays cannot always be started on time, we will no longer enter it in the exp calendar. There will still be x4 exp Saturdays (on the first and third Saturday of the month), but the start time is open.
  17. Last checked 8:00 server time, still x2.. Wanted to play 1-2 hours after 0.00, because work much today.. Maybe we get x4 until Monday? Or sunday end 23:59 not 22:00 😬
  18. Hello I have now noticed for the third time that exp times in the calendar are not adhered to. According to the calendar, x4 should start at 00:00 today on 05.06.21, meanwhile it's 1:45 and it's always x2 again. Roughly considered, you could have used 3 capsules that estimated 20-50 people who might still be actively gambling around the time. What would certainly have to follow that people would have to reload cash more quickly. Should it be in the interests of the operator to stick to what is typed in the calendar. greetings Hallöchen Mir ist jetzt zum 3 mal aufgefa
  19. Winners: 1 - Eternal Wings - HumanBeast 2 - Wings of Yan - GeilGitler 3 - Moonshadow Green Set - Terranscv 4 - Snow Flare set (violet) - Seveneleven 5 - Pierrot Set - Star 6 - Evolution Bracelet - ming77 7 - Merchant Bracelet - BosperT Thanks all for participate. Video with drawn: Rewards will be send soon. Winners of rewards 1 until 4 need open ticket for make a choose. Winners rewards 5 until 7 will send soon.
  20. Hello XAUUSD! Any character can participate in the event. The event will end on Saturday. The moment the draw starts will be announced in the game.
  21. Hi Stacie. I have two questions below: - Can low character, like lv 12, participate in this event? - At what time the drawing will be made? Waiting for your kind reply. Thanks. - XAUUSD -
  22. So gogo, Sunday end 23:59 please :D
  23. Forgot it^^ But +4 exp is on now.
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