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  2. Seeing that a lot of people play may be because 1 person opens multiple screens.
  3. Totally agree with Sefa and Rezayn. Now gs 800 price is 20-25 g/ea. It's easy to sell more than meta 700+5 cuz it super hard to sell in 120-200 g price maybe 100 g only u can sell out and not only 700+5 meta but all item in-game now it's super hard to sell in mid-high price even if item mall.You only have to sell really cheap, sometimes even at the cost price or even loss.I sell stuff every day 24 hrs and I have been selling for years.The economy in the game right now is really bad.It was very different from the golden age of the past. Maybe it's because the number of players has dwindled a lot.๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿฅฑ
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  5. The rewards were defined before the event started. Everyone knew what can get. So for a next event we can think of something different but for this event nothing will be changed.
  6. Right, so you put the minimum that is the brider or human, and the highest the stone can go, fantastic you are a genius my friend ๐Ÿ˜
  7. HAHA xD I said he TRYED to sell it for days now, but no one buy it. U Calculate with the minimum Price of the GS, and with the Maximum price u can even get for 700+5 meta item, Congratulations! ๐Ÿ˜„ For Hybrider or Human 700+5 Item u will get not more than 100G
  8. you cant compare a min price to a max price. And he said the stones get sold but the shield/wing doesnt. And now how do you compare aidia wings to human shield then? Human items arenยดt sold for the same price too. So now everyone get aidia items or what is your suggestion?
  9. So to you 200 G that is the shield or lets say 20x5 is the same, your math is terrible, use a calcalator.
  10. If u have to sell GS800 @3-5G, i will buy 500ea or more
  11. Hi, sorry, but in which Server do u play? ๐Ÿ˜„ GS800 actually is 20 to 25g, live prices 1 player sell 23G/ea 2 player's sell 25g/ea. I sell them @20G/ea, and people buy them. Shield/Wing/Cape 700+5 in Market actually 150 to 200G and players not buy it. A friend try to sell BK Shield and AD wing for days now @200G
  12. There is no comparison between a stone that its worth 3-5 gold each with a shield/wing/cape that ita worth haundreds. If you dont believe me check the ingame prices. Itโ€™s absurd to compare the value of the two, fact.
  13. Hi TyphooN, The Perom gets 925 Generic Stones for Top 3 Rank. When you talk about rank 4-10 you get 800 GS and other races gets a 700 shield/Wing and a 700 shield/wing have a low value on market too. I think that are fair prices for Perom.
  14. Hi Gms, The Perom gets 5x 800 stones in stead of shield, which on the market they cost just a few gold and a 800 shield/wing cost maybe 700-800 G which is unfair. Could you give for Perom 925 stones?
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  16. Hi GM's, I have noticed that each Tribe gets a Tier4 Weapon in Rank 1,2 and 3, but the Sword Hybrider does not have a Tier4 Weapon. Actually there are not that much active played Hammer Hybriders that u can say "Receive the Tier4 Stone and sell it to get gold" - it could last up to several months to sell it^^ I think in this Case it would be nice if u can give Great Generic Stones and Great Turquoise as reward for Sword Hybrider to choose, except Tier4. In my Mind itยดs like 3500-4000G for any Tier4 Weapon, so it would be around 7x Great Generic Stone + 7x Great Turquoise or 8x Great Generic Stone + 8x Great Turquoise. -Sefa
  17. Merry Christmas and New Year to all our players and their Families!
  18. Event Cracter Name Format: BLESS0000 - BLESS9999
  19. Hi GM's Will there be a LP Promo for the Event? Thanks
  20. When will there be a meta level 900? Cuz lv.800 is too old master.
  21. Hello mahu123! We will think about it.
  22. Hello Sefa and DetoX! We understand your thinking, and thanks for your suggestion, but for this event we had already talked to the team and majority want Start for the 24th.
  23. when is event lvl up on hardcore server?
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