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  1. Congratulations! The Cute Reindeer is in your E-trader.
  2. Congratulations! The Feria Rash Guard set is in your E-trader.
  3. The Towu reward on the hardcore servers goes to LuckyKP. He has a problem with register on forum.
  4. Congratulations! The Gold Element Crystals are in your E-trader.
  5. Congratulations! The Great Generic Stones are in your E-trader.
  6. It looks like, the hard core players search on the wrong places. The Song of the Ocean pieces drops all over the Mobius world, not only on the ice side.
  7. Congratulations! The Special Ecriks set is in your E-trader.
  8. Congratulations! The Moon shadow set is in your E-trader.
  9. Congratulations! The Cute Reindeer is in your E-trader.
  10. Congratulations! The Towu is in your E-trader.
  11. Congratulations! The [E] Knight Axe is in you E-trader.
  12. The Mobius drop event is over when all prizes are awarded.
  13. No, we don't need an update.
  14. You mean tradable? Yes, the puzzle pieces are tradable. All 15 puzzle pieces drop from different monsters. So you have to search all over Mobius.
  15. The hardcore server is working again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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