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  1. I don't see a ticket from you. What is your character name in game?
  2. Send us a ticket please. We can't help here in the forum.
  3. Hello In these cases it is better, you write a ticket. You will usually be helped faster there. Your character still stuck ingame?
  4. Pharous Earth Dragon - 10 mins Mother Dragon - 20 mins Genus Laboratory Mouel - 12 hours Kisare - 2 hours Sicrin - 2 hours Beradin - 2 hours Sharklord - 2 hours Dmitron Serpent Queen - 48 hours Durant - 12 hours Cornu Serpent - 1 hour (for the lv.345 Necklace of Hero quest) Turan/Balkariya/Barsha/Queiz/Beagrid 3 Bosses on each map - 3 hours Forlorn Ruin S3 [BOSS] Luna shark - 10 mins Generic Sword Recipe, Generic Axe Recipe [BOSS] Kiold - 10 mins Gene
  5. - a wrong item was removed from the Easter Surprise Box 2021 drop list
  6. - Easter drop event added - These items are tradable now: Shiny Ring Bright Red Ring Bright Green Ring
  7. [LHGN] Heblossom 600 Kai Helmet Recipe [LHGN] Blossom 600 Kai Armor Recipe [LHGN] X-Kabal 600 Kai Legs Recipe [LHGN] Horn Fist Kabal 600 Kai Shoes Recipe [LHGN] Xpier Kabal 600 Human Helm Recipe [LHGN] Mace torturer 600 Human Armor Recipe [LHGN] Hammer Kabal 600 Human Legs Recipe [LHGN] Hell Scissor Kabal 600 Human Shoes Recipe [LHGN] Triple Spear Halfer 600 Aida Helm Recipe [LHGN] Round Saw Halfer 600 Aida Armor Recipe [LHGN] Steel Pliers Halfer 600 Aida Legs Recipe
  8. [LHGN] Heblossom 500 Kai Helmet Recipe [LHGN] Mace torturer 500 Kai Helmet Recipe [LHGN] Steel Pliers Halfer 500 Kai Helmet Recipe [LHGN] Blossom 500 Kai Armor Recipe [LHGN] Hammer Kabal 500 Kai Armor Recipe [LHGN] Dupe Rack Harpoon 500 Kai Armor Recipe [LHGN] X-Kabal 500 Kai Legs Recipe [LHGN] Iron Bug 500 Kai Legs Recipe [LHGN] Hell Scissor Kabal 500 Kai Legs Recipe [LHGN] Horn Fist Kabal 500 Kai Shoes Recipe [LHGN] Triple Spear Halfer
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