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  1. Event Character Name Format SHINE0000 - SHINE9999
  2. The drop event started 22 hours ago and we already have 1798 World Cup Surprise Box. And I haven't checked, how many boxes have already been redeemed. There is no reason to increase the drop rate.
  3. Right now the admin work on it, he will fix this bug.
  4. The admin made the Demon Wings of Dreams a little bit bigger. To see this change, update the game.
  5. Hi The Elite Scamps are near base. They hide between the Butcher monsters.
  6. Hello Please write us a ticket, then we can help.
  7. Everything works again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. Hi Upload the picture somewhere and send us the link.
  9. Please write a ticket, I need to talk to you.
  10. I see a LHGN01 Anniversary Box 2020 in your inventory. Someone sold you a wrong box. That's why it doesn't work.
  11. The Great Turquoise reward on the hardcore servers goes to LuckyKP. He has a problem with login on forum. =================END==================
  12. Dekaren LegKnock Dekadun [World Boss] Heresy Assistant Shilon [World Boss] Elite Basilisk Sea Roost Soul Reaper Pharos [World Boss] Dragon Dmitron [World Boss] Baal Turan [World Boss] Patriarch Botis Balkariya [World Boss] Skeleton Hunter Barsha [World Boss] Brainwashed Corpse Queiz [World Boss] Giant Beargrid [World Boss] Jumping Tobido Forlorn Ruin S1 [World Boss] Endemic Demon Forlorn Ruin S2 [World Boss] Dark Dragon Forlorn Ruin S4 [S4 KING] Amden Orc
  13. Congratulations! The Feria Rash Guard set is in your E-trader.
  14. Hello You want a male or female set?
  15. The Power Potions reward on the hardcore servers goes to LuckyKP. He has a problem with login on forum.
  16. Congratulations! The Special Ecriks set is in your E-trader.
  17. Congratulations! The Gold Element Crystals and the Great Generic Stones are in your E-trader.
  18. Congratulations! The Moonshadow set is in your E-trader.
  19. Congratulations! The Power Potion are in your E-trader.
  20. I exchanged it for the [E] Knight Sword.
  21. Congratulations! The 3 Great Turquoise are in your E-trader.
  22. Congratulations! The sword is in your E-trader.
  23. Congratulations! The Cute Reindeer is in your E-trader.
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