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  1. I dont think someone will use this trick when aidia hit 1 by 1, and the event will start in few hours, why ask now? We can discuss to block any trick for this event, or maybe you want use this trick? :) When event running and someone report about possible bad trick, i will make will add the new rules Disable party only with event char, normal char can make a party
  2. Congratulations For All Winners Category 2 Winner : Weapon 980+5 Forum name: pengedar Tokyo7 52810087 SomeOne latandos xfactor lucky001 lovelyK XiaoSa QingYi thurgar Asahi SniperGold Alex real_biggy AlpharD AnjaN yjbeyond Xiaox meme200 Armor 800+15 Full Options Forum name: k1dz7 fathur2106 fuyenzz Govinda Laserjoe TripHax king kongque2022 ming77 DART Dragon Raja Nini_789 Xigua Bipolar dingdong renxijun001 k3nsh1r0 jimo1990 borufuto xiaocao2022 geqian DF31 summer99 KiraHamasaki peroti BRAVE001 nots April Werner Sefa pangaribuan valkry TyphooN Ayong FairyDragoN 珠珠1 fengqinjueai123 XAUUSD 15922845985 onbank2385 FeiMaoTui lvbu zhaoyun gwc115 qhqmsl22 Xiaoxen V4L3 Bonus Game Winner Great Generic Stone 10ea Forum name: Kina gh0972 To Claim Reward, Open Ticket Service https://support.lhgenericname01.lc/ Format Subject : World Cup Winner ID Forum: ID Game: Charactername: PIN: Weapon or Armor (choose color): For Weapon you can write which charname want recieve the weapon because the weapon is nontrade. Claim reward until 31th December 2022, after that you cannot claim anymore
  3. Actually, i dont need asnswer question like this, because when someone get hurts, they will say GM not fair, when this someone get something good, another will say GM not fair and so and so and so.... If you guys think this pet is God, then get it, the Event Level is for public and FREE for everyone to participate. If you dont want, its not our fault. FYI, everything new items here was tested already.
  4. If you found any bad trick for fast leveling, please report to us and i will add the new rules.
  5. Event Locked. I will make announce who qualify to join this event. Found some same IP/Same Email/Some different post with 1 ID All will be disqulified
  6. Event World Cup 2022 is Start Post your prediction below. The post out from topic will be delete.
  7. Event Start Open Topic : November, 27th 2022, 12:00 servertime Lock Topic : November, 28th 2022, 12:00 servertime How To Participate, Condition, Claim Rewards, and Rules: - Make sure you only use 1 ID Forum, if we found you spam with different ID you will be disqualified from Event. - 1 ID can win all Category Event. - The Event Topic Will Open For 1 Day Only, After That The Topic Will Be Close Until World Cup Event End. - The Event Will Start in This Topic, The Topic Will Be Open For Few Days Until 20th November 2022, If Anyone From You Have Questions About The Event You Can Post Here. - To Claim Reward(s), Open Ticket Service https://support.lhgenericname01.lc/ Format Subject : World Cup Winner ID Forum: ID Game: Charactername: PIN: Event Answer Format: * Category 1 Top 1 ***** Top 2 ***** Top 3 ***** * Category 2 (Answer 3 Country Name) * Bonus Game XXXX vs XXXX 2 - 1 Charname : Server : Example: Category 1 Top 1 Eng*** Top 2 Belg*** Top 3 Port*** Category 2 Eng***** Bra**** Nethe**** (Free Answer) Bonus Game Eng*** VS Belg*** 2 - 1 Charname : LHGN01 Server: Normal/Hardcore
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