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  1. Merchant Certificate shop can stay open when you are offline Drop Roll fixed for rare items Its not possible anymore to summon lower levels in higher level Pyramid rooms Easter Drop event activated
  2. Hi You cant get what Top 1 and Top 2 get for fancy
  3. Top 10 Winner and Lucky Event can request which server want to recieve the rewards.
  4. Human T6 damage problem fixed when combined with 1100 Meta shield Aidia Summons damage increased vs monsters a little LP Market disabled in the NON-PVP Server for security reasons Turbo Server spawn time of all random spawn bosses fixed Non existing 850 weapons removed from Weapon Rental 800 armor recipe is now tradeable T4 Recipe and Meta 800 recipe tradeable Pyramid dungeon now has a teleporter for each room We are working on the PVP damage as we identified the problem why the damage in PVP is so strange suddenly. Expect a fix for this soon!
  5. Hi I not really understand what you mean
  6. Update : Meta 1100, Juno V2, T6 The new world Juno V2 opened, you can also use this world to level up from 999-1100 Meta Level 1100 equipment can be obtained in JunoV2 Tier 6 Subweapon can be obtained in JunoV2 You now have 16 character slots available All level event characters and guilds have been moved to the normal server.| Because the warehouse space is limited, you will be able to retrieve your event server warehouse items in your E-Trader soon. For any information how to get the new items i would like to refer to our database website. https://database.lhgenericname01.lc/whatsnew
  7. FINAL RANKING NEW CHANNEL EVENT LEVEL 2023 Top-10 winner need open a Ticket with this format: SUBJECT: <tribe>-<rank>-<character name> example: BULKAN-TOP1-NEW2023 MESSAGE: ID: <username> PIN: <your PIN> Email: <your email> Weapon : (If you are a Bulkan choose Axe/Sword or a Hybrider Sword/Hammer) Human 2nd Weapon : Choose example: ID: genericname PIN: 4321 Email: <name@domain.com> Weapon: Axe For Out of Top 10 you can claim your rewards on website also items from your warehouse on New Channel to Normal Server
  8. Event Level Ends We Will Announce Final Ranking Soon Hello, today we want to introduce a totally new level up event to you. How is this working? We will open a new Channel for this level up event, each player will start without anything, except starter equipment. So it means that it is absolutely the same chance for all participants, even if you are playing on our server for years now, or just want to start your adventure. The event runs like the level up event on the normal server, we will have a top ten with fixed prices, and also the Lucky event and the out of top ten rewards. After the Event ends, you can choose to transfer your character and your items/rewards to the normal server. The rewards in the top 10 are fix, even if you not reach level 980 for the weapon for example. If u want to get a lower level weapon, u can feel free to choose it too. (No compensation if you are choosing a lower level reward) You will have to search for your Weapons and your Armor Sets, also you can build up teams with friends and help each other.
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