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  1. The surprise box from reward box
  2. [Guide] How To Make Weapon Level 980
  3. Here is the video Guide How To Make Weapon Level 980
  4. Yes, the format is on the first page
  5. Sorry, its under Elite Weapon, so its Euterfe Flute
  6. The rewards says Weapon 700, when your level 600 but rank 4 you will get Weapon 600
  7. You mean pict from the right one? [E] Rubelite Wyvern Blade = Bulkan [E] Rubelite Wyvern Axe = Bulkan [E] Titanite Unicorn Staff = Kailipton [E] Malachite Ryan Blaster = Human [E] Benny Loit Dragon Ring = Aidia [E] Hesonite Viper Hammer = Hybrider [E] Hesonite Viper Dual Sword = Hybrider [E] Florite Devils Spear = Perom
  8. - A new dungeon world called Nine Curve Dungeon - Around 20 new monsters and bosses - Level 999 cap - Level 950 Armor set - Great Turquoise (for upgrade new armor) - Great Generic Stone (for upgrade new armor) - Recipe Weapon 925 tradeable We are currently working on new weapons in another new world
  9. New Dryad Pet (slot 2) Options : - Steal HP 3% - Potion Power 10% (Recovery potion, it will be stack from your AR 30+10) - Inc All Damage 5% All New Pets will be place on slot 2
  10. TOP 1 2 will get new Fancy Knight Costume, i will edit the post soon Here is the video looks like ^^
  11. New is new :) also with the option. I will post the detail soon
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