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  1. Yes i seen it, it was a very busy week at work so i didn't have the time yet to reply the tickets about this.
  2. Hello all, Recently we receive more and more tickets from players that are not happy with the current PVP balance in the game. We have tried to make it right ourselves, but sadly we were not capable of getting it done right. It is time to involve the players that actually PVP every day and use their experience to try and achieve the best balance we can get. So, we are looking for a few players that would like to help us on the testserver to make it better for everyone. We prefer people experienced in PVP and preferable with multiple races. We choose this because we would not want to trust someone and they only want to make their own race stronger. If you are interested in helping us make it better for you, please send us a ticket with your motivation and your experience. We will create a skype or discord group to make it easier to communicate about this.
  3. There is no first of fifth place. It is a raffle, so it's like a lottery. The more lottery tickets you have, the more chance you have on winning something.
  4. Just be aware that there is no connection from the hardcore server to the database at the moment. Anything you do will not be saved right now
  5. It seems like there is a problem with the server. For a unknown reason it is not accessible. The webhoster is aware and scheduled a intervention. Until then we can only wait, and hope its not a fire again 😄
  6. Corrected a mistake, the droprate of the affinity coin is 5%, not 50%. The same droprate like the other affinity coins: Demon Affinity Coin Dekadun Affinity Coin Magic Affinity Coin Atlantis Affinity Coin
  7. - 980 weapon recipe needs 1 less battle pendant to allow 1 spot for recipe booster - Added Battle pendant recipe to the Atlantis Affinity Shop - Removed the Ghost effect from Solina Old Brother Cleaner so everyone can kill it - Bosses in NineCurve and Atlantis take more damage now - Boss Steel Trapper made same like other bosses
  8. Hi DetoX Thank you for telling me about this. Indeed i have not thought about this, i will make a change in the requirements to allow recipe boosters to be used.
  9. This guide will explain a little how to get the 980 weapons. All the links will point to our brand new Database website : https://database.lhgenericname01.lc The weapons: 980 Bulkan Sword 980 Bulkan Axe 980 Kailipton Staff 980 Human Gun 980 Aidia Ring 980 Hybrider Dual 980 Hybrider Hammer 980 Perom Spear The world to get these weapons is Atlantis You can get to this world from the teleportal in Laglamia To create the weapon i combined a few different things. First we need one of the Recipes These recipes can be bought from the Atlantis Affinity Shop. This is a affinity shop, so we need to open the shop first with Atlantis Affinity Coin This coin drops from all monsters in the map with a 5% drop rate. The items required for the recipe are : Weapon Material x1 Lazurite Mineral x1 Spirit Soul x10 Battle Pendant x9 The level 925+10 weapon How to get these materials Weapon Material This material can be created from the Item Forge. For this Item Forge you need to kill some bosses. Lazurite Mineral This item is the reward of a Hitlist. This Hitlist is only normal monsters. Spirit Soul This item needs to be created from killing 2 monsters: White Tree Spirit Red Tree Spirit These monsters don't have a specific area on the map, they are everywhere. They both drop a item called Soul of xxx Tree spirit : Soul of Red Tree Spirit Soul of White Tree Spirit You need 10 of both these items to create the Spirit Soul. There is a NPC that combines these 2 items into the Spirit Soul Battle Pendant This item needs to be created from drops of some specific monsters. Lost Bandaid x5 Warrior Bones x5 Blood Vial x5 Canine Leash x5 Wight Slasher Brain x1
  10. We don't offer the service to transfer all your data from one server to the other.
  11. Normal Server : Monday - 20:00h Tuesday - 23:00h Wednesday - 02:00h Thursday - 05:00h Friday - 08:00h Saturday - 11:00h Sunday - 17:00h Hardcore Server: Monday - 18:00h Tuesday - 11:00h Wednesday - 08:00h Thursday - 04:00h Friday - 17:00h Saturday - 20:00h Sunday - 15:00h
  12. A wiki is a community driven project, feel free to contribute yourself
  13. The message is just a forgotten testserver message, nothing more. It is not the message from the Exp accumulation event, you also don't receive the exp twice.
  14. Don't worry about the player data, that has been backed up twice daily since day one. And after the backup it is copied to 2 different servers. I just never considered to do the same for the forum before.
  15. As most of you know by now there has been a great fire in the datacentre that hosted our forum server. During this fire many server have been destroyed and sadly our forum server with all its data was one of them. Because this was hosted in a cloud environment i never really thought it would be necessary to back up all the data like i do with the game servers. Unfortunately this means that everything is gone and we're left with a empty forum. All accounts, all posts, all guides, all pm's, it is all gone. I want to use this fresh start of our forum to keep things more organised. Topics in the right forums, offtopic replies deleted and a favor for informative and useful topics. GM Skye is working hard to re-upload all the data for our Wiki. Luckily, he was a lot smarter than me to back up his data!
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