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  1. stash omega for halloween event please.... :) thank you
  2. Hello Ms Stacie. The wings will be full option or no? Ho mp rec etc. Thank You
  3. i think if not hit 1000,the prize is +0, and 1000 is easy to reach,its total players on all server who buy right? yes i agree, and maybe the winner can choose in which char to get the prize,so he/she can sell it
  4. hi,the wing full option? and the 1st prize is 925 weapon?
  5. hiks hiks :( just few steps from finishing the dungeon huhuhu
  6. server error? or just me? i got dc and can't login again
  7. its normal now, thank you sir
  8. i am playing using game.exe,cause is i use launcher sometimes my screen is blink and black is that the problem?
  9. hello sir did you fixed all mutant monster colour? they look like the normal monster now and on ascadia too,boss 2.3,5 don't have colour like earlier,so we can't know did the barrier and fuzzy break
  10. Tier2 for lv 500 is Elite Saint Flute or Euterfe Flute? cause Shadow Flute is Tier3
  11. hi when did the problem gonna fixed? kp can't use flame spear,aidia can't use summon squad etc thank you
  12. what do you mean by skill point dispatch? pet and fancy can't add str right? only ring and necklace, but they all using same item
  13. all point are the same, except for str dex 0 lead 0
  14. hi all i have 3 aidia char,all using same skill build,and same Athens ring etc but on the same level,full wis and con,the STR point is different. for example A have 700 STR B have 702 STR C have 704 STR did anybody have same problem with me? thank you
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