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  1. i cant't login to normal server no pvp,hardcore,level event can login
  2. they deleted chef set data by accident i think,all that set is gone now so when a shop sell that set/pieces,we can't see it,and got crashed
  3. many items can't trade maam,please fix thank you
  4. why not just making simple rules? Event Char must hit and kill the monster by his efforts only,any help from others to hit the monster,make disqualified 🙂
  5. so we will play the event,and suddenly when someone report possible bad trick according to GM,but we don't know earlier its forbidden,then we got disqualified? Nice Sir. 🙂
  6. repair the forum,so all can edit their post.and when make events again,put the rules with clear words,and dont punish someone while they not breaking any rules. its really suck got punished when they don't think they are do something against the rules !!!
  7. so that new minipet sacrifices attack for defense
  8. ah sorry,not read it thoroughly. can i delete my post?
  9. i am not sure about that,cause sometimes it can take more than 3 hours,and no one win
  10. At least must have 4 participants.when have more than 4,eliminate each others until only 4 players left,and then will fight on smaller area. Oh yeah sir admin,can you add button for change lime to silver bullion too? Thank you
  11. maybe you turn on your capslock bro
  12. Wow. Nice. Finally perom can use some fancy. Thank you sir
  13. i think low defense just like halloween cloak :( does perom can use that demon wing?
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