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  1. Hello dennis! Hardcore Server was created after many players asked that wanted something harder, they played for a while and gave up, like this has been happening for 4 years, players come and go! GM tries to do what is possible, but no Server is made only of GM and Administrator, we always need the collaboration of players to be Server attractive to new players. If we don't have players the Server Hard will just be closed, but Administrator once told me something that as long as we had 1 player online it wouldn't close! LHGenericName01 has two options, Normal Server and Hardcore Server, feel free to choose where you want to play.
  2. Hello Magnetic! yes, we really need sets from other countries, but for now we've all the capes of countries (we add all that no exist), so we would do the event with what we had, or we wouldn't do anything. thanks for your comment, but if this event is not good for you just ignore the drops!
  3. Winners: 1 - Eternal Wings - HumanBeast 2 - Wings of Yan - GeilGitler 3 - Moonshadow Green Set - Terranscv 4 - Snow Flare set (violet) - Seveneleven 5 - Pierrot Set - Star 6 - Evolution Bracelet - ming77 7 - Merchant Bracelet - BosperT Thanks all for participate. Video with drawn: Rewards will be send soon. Winners of rewards 1 until 4 need open ticket for make a choose. Winners rewards 5 until 7 will send soon.
  4. Hello XAUUSD! Any character can participate in the event. The event will end on Saturday. The moment the draw starts will be announced in the game.
  5. Hello! if the player name appears more than once in the list of 7 winners, he will win the first item for which he was drawn! The idea of this event is that more players can win, if they use various ids ok, remembering that it is a lucky event, the amount is not sure of winning, just theoretically increases your chances. since this time different from the other webshop I did I put an item to compete that is not just to participate in the draw, it is a good buff to be used, just a little more expensive for giving a chance to win good items. sure of your understanding, thank you!
  6. Hello! yes, the amount of potion purchased will be the same amount that your name will be on the list for the raffle
  7. https://www.lhgenericname01.lc/webshop/shop
  8. About Rewards: Players Level 900 or more need Open a Ticket and choose: - In what character want received Weapon 925+10(cannot trade) or can choose other weapon(800, 700 if want but no will be compensate) - 800 Armor Black, Blue or Red - Fancy set that exist in game (Used in Event Slot) - Minipet that exist in game Players Level 850-899 need Open a Ticket and choose: - Moonshadow Red male or female - Red or Blue wolf minipet Players Level 800-850 no need open ticket, only if want change weapon. Model of Ticket: ID: Charactername: WISE???? Pin code: e-mail: In what character want received: ID: Charactername: For players 799 or less we will send rewards automatically. Thank you all for the participation! - For Hibriders we will send Hammer (If want Duall Sword open ticket and we change) - For Bulkans we will send Axe (If want Sword open ticket and we change) - For Humans 800-849 we will send Blunderbuss pew pew if want Hellish Torment open a ticket and we change - For Humans 700-799 we will send T-8 Armageddon if want T-8 Captio open a ticket and we change - For Humans 600-699 we will send Gold T-8 Armageddon Recipe if want T-8 Captio open a ticket and we change - Players in level 700-749 will received Fancy weapon(cannot trade) in character event. If want change for other character(only 1 time) open ticket and we will change. - Players in level 350-399 will received 350 weapon+5 but if want change for 400weapon+0 open ticket and we will change. Any other questions open a ticket.
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