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  1. When the hell is the next update? Would you like to hear a suggestion that gathered our thoughts? Or will you stick with the updates you have in mind?
  2. I think it's right to broadcast it live
  3. Thanks for the detailed answer
  4. The picture doesn't show the details. Please enlarge and upload like the picture of the wings.
  5. Hi is it possible to win duplicates?
  6. add a reward + over 5,000 + ea up
  7. who will try to reach the target? people won't be satisfied unless it's a full option that condition should be removed. i don't know why it was made everyone wants +15 don't want anything lower than that
  8. I can buy thousands or tens of thousands But it's pointless if you can't get 1st to 5th place haha
  9. all item images got it from Korean server.
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