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  1. I would like to reduce the spawn time of world bosses to 1 hour from the original 3 hours, which I think doesn't make sense. Cuz it only drops garbage and the new quest to get rid of it can't be done.It dies all the time and too long spawn time or modifying the hunting mission to only one is enough.
  2. 0 hit damage how to do that punch boss until it misses?
  3. Normally, the only difference was the type of animal and the damage around x3x4 of lower rank sub weapon. 0.46 sec time.
  4. Have you fixed the party equals experience bug? Can party with more than 30 levels of characters.
  5. Items in missions https://database.lhgenericname01.lc/missions can it be exchanged? if can will someone make money from this activity? https://database.lhgenericname01.lc/missions/view/36 , although it unable to repeat the mission but you can delete a character and create a new one? 100 characters 500 gold 1000 characters 5000 gold?
  6. How many options can I choose?
  7. All items in PVP Point Rewards System can traded or sold? Why Evolution bracelet no any options?
  8. ok it successfully updated but I feel that the game has a lot of bugs, it stutters, not very smooth.
  9. Now can't update right?
  10. Looks like a hardcore server player don't interested in this activity at all.
  11. Sefa can you find the other 3 missing parts? and what will you choose as a reward?
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