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Update 03-2023 : Level Cap 1100 / Pyramid Dungeon / Ascadia Nightmare


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In this update:

- Level cap 1100
- New dungeon : Pyramid for levels 999 - 1100, Available on PVP and Non PVP server.
- Ascadia Hard and Ascadia Nightmare
- Armor level 1050
- Weapons level 1080
- Statpoints cap 3000

Pyramid Dungeon:
This dungeon has 15 rooms and each room will be for a certain level range.
You will find doors after each room with the opening level written on the doors.
Because of the limited space in this dungeon we have chosen to open it on both channels.
This will be the main place for leveling above 999.

Ascadia Hard and Ascadia Nightmare:
We have added 2 more difficulty settings to the Ascadia Dungeon.
This is the main place to hunt for the new armor set and weapon.
The Hard setting is sort of easy enough to play solo, but the droprate is a lot lower.
The Nightmare setting is only for pro's! You will get a nice droprate while playing with your friends.

All information about the required items and methods to create the new equipment can be found in our database.

Coming soon :
We are currently in the progress of testing a complete new Castle War in the Merac world!
I hope to be able to introduce this to you very soon!


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Don't forget to reset your points. Now the maximum is 3000 in each status. After resetting you can use command //status str wis dex con lead
 for example //status 2920 2920 0 2920 450 The values cannot be more from what you still can add in each status.

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