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  1. We may have others surprise events at any time so get online and enjoy.
  2. Hi The draw will be made like in the Webshop Raffle Event II. We will announce in game using the timecheck and will make draw. Then the video will be posted. It will be made around 17:00 server time.
  3. Today some adjustments were made to: Perom x Kailipton Kailipton x Perom Perom x Human Human x Perom Perom x Bulkan Bulkan x Perom
  4. Today some ajusts were made just for pvp: - Dual Sword Hybrider Combo no longer has such high damage. Other Skills have been increased a bit. - Human now has damage when not using Skill Penetration. If something is still not right, please open a ticket with information about what you think is wrong.
  5. Thanks to all the players who took the time to help us, we try our best to make it as fair as possible, but as the Administrator has already mentioned if have any suggestions or criticisms, please feel free to open a ticket.
  6. I will add calendar soon. For now add x10exp in weekend.
  7. [Normal Server] Event Level New Year 2022 Lucky Event Winners: 1. Great Generic Stone - BLESS8686 847 2. Great Turquoise - BLESS6888 980 3. New Pet Threehead - BLESS3698 583 4. Power Potion x10 - BLESS0511 500 5. Gold Element Crystal - BLESS8000 800 6. Upgrade Warranty 100% -BLESS9966 500 7. Recipe Booster 100% - BLESS4481 859 8. Recipe Booster 50% - BLESS8884 825 9. Stone of Creation - BLESS6789 510 10. Gold Tier 4 Weapon Recipe can choose the race - BLESS6668 849 The Rewards will be sent soon only winner of Gold Tier 4 Weapon Recipe need open ticket for choose.
  8. Players Out Top 10 can receive your rewards. Need login in Website and click in Bless Event REWARDS
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