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  1. I have tested it and it is not possible to kill with just one character with the 20% att, def and hp events. @XAUUSD please let us know if you can do this because something is wrong. About Hardcore server I need more tests because sometimes we have events of 80% less hp and 200% att but there might be something buggy about it.
  2. Mobius event is best place for get lime.
  3. The Popenian event is over. Now him give correct exp and lime according your difficult for die.
  4. The draw is general for both servers together.
  5. You don't need to do anything else. your name is 3 times on the list that will be used to draw the prizes above.
  6. Hello Pease explain better your problem. What happen when you try enter in game? If you have some image also can add
  7. Hello. We haven't a rank because this event dont have a top5. You will get reward according your level when event ended. Map Merac in Hardcore Server is level 550 since last year. we dont make this only for event level up.
  8. Hello During Level Up Event we follow calendar announced before event start. Nothing will be changed for be fair to all.
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