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PVP Table changes


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As you might remember, a few months ago i posted a topic on the forum searching for players to help balance the PVP. 
Sadly we only had a few reactions at first, and not everyone joined with the right intentions. 
Luckily there were also some that did have the right intentions.
Therefore i also want say a BIG thank you to these people for working really hard with GM Lars to get this figured out. 

Like everything, it is impossible to simulate all the same situations on the test server that could happen on the real server.
So there might still be small things that work out different in a real situation, rest assured that we will deal with these issues when they are reported.

I know you guys might want to know the exact changes that are done, but it is impossible to explain exactly how this works as we did nearly no skill specific changes. 

I hope the PVP balance we offer now will result in a more gameplay fun. 
If you have any concerns, suggestions or reports please send us a ticket.
Fighting about it and blaming each other on the forum will not be helpful.


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Thanks to all the players who took the time to help us, we try our best to make it as fair as possible, but as the Administrator has already mentioned if have any suggestions or criticisms, please feel free to open a ticket.

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Today some ajusts were made just for pvp:
   - Dual Sword Hybrider Combo no longer has such high damage. Other Skills have been increased a bit.
   - Human now has damage when not using Skill Penetration.
If something is still not right, please open a ticket with information about what you think is wrong.

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