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help me upgrade 500 armor to +15


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I found the npc for the upgrade, but I can't find a guide on how to upgrade it with the chances and etc, like, do i need to use the 100% upgrade tickets?

does anyone have an english discord for this server? even a guild discord would do


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3 hours ago, Dajavu said:

Hi All and Administrator,


I have tried to upgrade my "+3 450 BK shoes" with the "Low Upgrade Warranty (100%)", but I got error message.

NPC: Strengthen person (Lagiamia 635, 723)


Upgrade 450 Shoes.PNG

Upgrade 450 Shoes with LUW.PNG

Upgrade 450 Shoes error.PNG

U need to put the Low Upgrade Warranty in Quick Slot and press it

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Sefa if i want to join the best guild Is there a condition that the minimum level/item is required? The guild forced to join the war? Can a single person join multiple characters? Most of the member in the guild are from what country?They use english language or not in guild chat? If I join your guild, will I get killed by the recall guild right? Haha.

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