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  1. Hi, my first thought is, u use windows 10, u open the Game10.exe or use launcher? If u use the launcher, try Game10. Exe to start the game :)
  2. Yea i understand what u mean, but Hybrider using Swords cannot use it πŸ˜… And it is difficult to reskill all time for use hammer with secondary, or use sword without. But if there will be no changes, i understand it too^^
  3. Can u start it some days before event starts? For prepare all, it would be nice :)
  4. Hi Bloodborne, i have a question. Can u consider in your team about give Hybrider Sword T4 or T5 free to choose, or give to Hybrider sword crystal of might 3ea + Recipe booster? Any other is needed, because hybrider sword cannot use Tier4 or T5 Thanks
  5. Can you Introduce us how much points u get for what event? Or every Event like full ctf, full lms, full siege= 1 point?
  6. I think its hard to abuse, because from now on, more players will participate in CTF, LMS and Siege. So there will be same chance for all It's my opinion πŸ˜…
  7. We had the same problem on normal server, admin need to change it and reboot the server.
  8. Hi again, i finished the last Puzzle, i want to get the power potions please Thank u
  9. Finished another Puzzle^^ I want to have the Feria Rash Guard female set please Thank you!
  10. Hi, i finished another Puzzle πŸ˜„ I want to get the 3ea GGS please Thank u
  11. Hi, i finished another Puzzle and i would like to have the Special Ecriks Set +10 please. Thank you!
  12. Hi, i finished my Puzzle, i would like to have Towu please πŸ™‚ Thank you!
  13. I had choose the weapon too, axe or dual, but now Towu is a nice reward
  14. But not a fancy weapon that is just 1ea in game now ^^
  15. Will there be a game update before it starts?
  16. Hi Staff, I don't know if i should write a ticket, or if this is the right section. I found out that there is a Bug with skill Dash, for example when i warp from Atlantis to Laglamia, i cannot use Dash again. Only ways to fix it (what i figured out for now), is to Relog or use a Group Teleport by Aidia. It is annoying to relog when a shop is open πŸ˜„ Maybe u can help to fix it, thank u πŸ™‚
  17. U got a box until now? I think they don't drop, 1 hour no box^^
  18. Please give it a check again, now tryed with 3 players, we cannot kill it. I think the only possibility, pull monsters and use starcandy. but this is not the normal way to kill a boss. Please look at it again πŸ™‚ EDIT: Killed it, after 10 minutes trying to get a good starcandy on monsters besides the boss. With hitting boss directly, he receives no damage
  19. Hi Stacie, The draw will be live on youtube? Or do u do the draw and then upload a video? What time the Event ends? Thanks for your answers :)
  20. XAUUSD called me some minutes ago to try it myself with Bulkan. Used 300% Atk, Candy and Exploding rage + Fuzzy Remover. Tobido did'nt get any Damage, i think it is a bug maybe with Bulkan, not even the Fuzzy Remover worked^^ Any Playershave infos about other Tribes?
  21. Nice, i don't try it for now, not found it 😁
  22. HAHA xD I said he TRYED to sell it for days now, but no one buy it. U Calculate with the minimum Price of the GS, and with the Maximum price u can even get for 700+5 meta item, Congratulations! πŸ˜„ For Hybrider or Human 700+5 Item u will get not more than 100G
  23. If u have to sell GS800 @3-5G, i will buy 500ea or more
  24. Hi, sorry, but in which Server do u play? πŸ˜„ GS800 actually is 20 to 25g, live prices 1 player sell 23G/ea 2 player's sell 25g/ea. I sell them @20G/ea, and people buy them. Shield/Wing/Cape 700+5 in Market actually 150 to 200G and players not buy it. A friend try to sell BK Shield and AD wing for days now @200G
  25. Hi GM's, I have noticed that each Tribe gets a Tier4 Weapon in Rank 1,2 and 3, but the Sword Hybrider does not have a Tier4 Weapon. Actually there are not that much active played Hammer Hybriders that u can say "Receive the Tier4 Stone and sell it to get gold" - it could last up to several months to sell it^^ I think in this Case it would be nice if u can give Great Generic Stones and Great Turquoise as reward for Sword Hybrider to choose, except Tier4. In my Mind itΒ΄s like 3500-4000G for any Tier4 Weapon, so it would be around 7x Great Generic Stone + 7x Great Turquoise or 8x Great Generic Stone + 8x Great Turquoise. -Sefa
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