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  1. hello was trying since 15 min to log in on my account on hardcore server, telling me my id/password were wrong , then waiting 5 min to try again it appear than my id/password are good like i can use them to log in in normal server only hardcore seems concerned.
  2. summer+ release from confinment + no real event make player get elsewhere ! don't worry pavani i will come back soon :))
  3. try to see their stat without any item/pet/fancy if your stat always not the same probably come from your skill point dispatch
  4. like low upgrade warranty 100% is easy to get i recommend you to use them between +4+15
  5. did your lead point is same too ? and/or dex ? don't you get some extra point from lowering dex under basic limit who is break here ( can go at 0 when basic is 10 ) ?
  6. wow i ask you long time ago if you needed help for this.. never got an answer... Now if you really want community to build it like someone seems lazy, at least open it to everyone , cause currently no one is able to modify anything on it !
  7. for you get 30% chance buying 1000 potion, there must be 3333 total potion selling. and i think the bracelet are two different prize
  8. hello, a few min ago the server dc everybody online when back in all shop disappear and an other player was here telling he got dc too its been a week now i get lot of weird dc like this one i can tell you for sure it come from server now SAVAGE
  9. hello, the other night their was a wild reboot with no news about it online or on forums since i get lot of disconnection while my internet work fine other game don't get dc did you do something like change server location ?
  10. hello everyone ! can someone who sure about him, made a guide for upgrade system in armor and weapon ? with rate and which warranty used to get 100% upgrade, like we get in old forums. thanks in advance and have a good game !
  11. hello its good now i have been stuck 25/30 min then i could have log in
  12. hello i have been full disconnected today and during the last mobius my box get a weird crash then i'm in impossibility to log back i have wait more than the 3 min message from client. is it possible to cut log my account and those from my wife before the end of mobius ? during level up event its really annoying
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