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  1. Ahhh thanks for the info :) Have a good evening
  2. Ahh i think than it is little buggy, i dropped a reward box now and got a goldbox out of it
  3. Nice Event!!! Reward Box get out of Surprise Box or can drop? Thanks for the info
  4. Sefa


    U welcome, i had the same problem when i started again, so i feel with u 😁
  5. Sefa


    U have to start the game with Game10.exe when u use win10 Not use the normal launcher
  6. Yea nice one, and good decision with wings, i like it! :)
  7. Yea some weeks ago it was possible it came with any of the last updates that u cannot do any damage.
  8. ?? What do u mean? It's not clear for me 😁😁 It depends on your luck, i think u have a higher chance the more u buy, but u can win with only 1 potuin too. The list of buyers will be randomised, so same chance for all :D
  9. I think so, FO is FO, not depends on + xD
  10. I don't want to demand something, but i think it will be a good motivation for the high level players to think about a new pet like Towu or Berdandi for a 6th price.. Berdandi actually can't get and towu is hard to get with boxes, i talked to players who opened about 6000 boxes. It is just a suggestion :)
  11. Sorry, but i cannot edit my last post, coz i am using phone now. In my opinion for the first price it would be better to get a chance to win 980 weapon, not 925. 925 weapon is maybe 2-4k gold, depends on "+" Wings and evo is about 10x more in gold than 925 weapon. It is not a problem when the player who win the weapon isn't lvl 980, he can keep the weapon
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