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  1. Hybrider cannot use Tornado Hammer + Electric Hammer
  2. Last checked 8:00 server time, still x2.. Wanted to play 1-2 hours after 0.00, because work much today.. Maybe we get x4 until Monday? Or sunday end 23:59 not 22:00 😬
  3. So gogo, Sunday end 23:59 please :D
  4. Another question, are the Prices all 1x in Hardcore server and 1x in Normal server, or it depends on the server where the player is who is choosen by random?
  5. U have to update the game, it is because of the new item, power potion
  6. Okay, this is the option to get your lottery ticket, every power potion = 1 ticket
  7. U have to buy the Power Potion for 3999 LP in the webshop.
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