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Help wanted : PvP Balancing


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Hello all,

Recently we receive more and more tickets from players that are not happy with the current PVP balance in the game. 
We have tried to make it right ourselves, but sadly we were not capable of getting it done right. 
It is time to involve the players that actually PVP every day and use their experience to try and achieve the best balance we can get. 

So, we are looking for a few players that would like to help us on the testserver to make it better for everyone. 
We prefer people experienced in PVP and preferable with multiple races.
We choose this because we would not want to trust someone and they only want to make their own race stronger.

If you are interested in helping us make it better for you, please send us a ticket with your motivation and your experience.
We will create a skype or discord group to make it easier to communicate about this. 

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