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  1. Hi Stacie. I have two questions below: - Can low character, like lv 12, participate in this event? - At what time the drawing will be made? Waiting for your kind reply. Thanks. - XAUUSD -
  2. Hi Stacie. Regarding rule no 7, which is "The same player cannot win two prizes", what if a same player win Wings of Yan +15 and Evo Bracelet +26 (Full Opt), can he choose the prize he desires? In my humble opinion, rule no 7 "The same player cannot win two prizes" is contradicted to rule no 4 "Each purchase will generate a chance...". It's because in rule no 4, you allow a player to get bigger chance to win by purchasing more 'power potion', but in rule no 7 you forbid him to win more items. Beside of that contradiction, this rule is easy to break by purchasing 'power potion' with several IDs. Please consider it Stacie. Thanks in advance. - XAUUSD -
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