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  1. What would you choose, if you already have multiple towus? 😄
  2. Hi Gms, I like to have Fancy Knight Axe please.
  3. Hi Happy1, if you are very lucky it would be posible to buy 5 Power Potions and win all 5 prices. And Every Reward is available for 1 time. I hope that answers your question,
  4. you cant compare a min price to a max price. And he said the stones get sold but the shield/wing doesnt. And now how do you compare aidia wings to human shield then? Human items aren´t sold for the same price too. So now everyone get aidia items or what is your suggestion?
  5. Hi TyphooN, The Perom gets 925 Generic Stones for Top 3 Rank. When you talk about rank 4-10 you get 800 GS and other races gets a 700 shield/Wing and a 700 shield/wing have a low value on market too. I think that are fair prices for Perom.
  6. I think its not possible to kill Todibo on normal Server too. I think XAUUSD killed him before Update, there it was possible to kill with one character.
  7. Hey, are there any picture of the fancy weapon? It´s hard to decide what Item to choose when we dont know how they look.
  8. Fancy Set for Top3 +15 or just +0?
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