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  1. Wow, than I can delete or throw away all of my equipment ? Just for fun . Hahaha
  2. I don't think it's a fire, in hardcore log in in laglaima or teleport to that map is not possible. But one of my character is sitll online now in dmitron map for a few hours and working normally without lag or anything. Just telporting to laglaima will make my character DC and wil not be able to log again, for now.
  3. Greetings GM. Character medusa Need item : Red Bullion Thank you very much !
  4. Greetings GM. Character Luna Need item x2uw100 and GRD
  5. Yes Gm and Admin dont make a good server alone, but there are these player who seek mostly personal fulfillment. Players are selfish, most of them. And some players will allways want to buy your goods free if possible while you need something from them, they’ll try to take even the skin off your bones for it. The man you appoint as Gs is running a shameful operations of beguiling new unsuspecting players in purchasing his crap arguing how it is good and useful for them “Rare” <<in his own words, for a cloak with 1 def selling for more than 100 gold>> This man is a GS for the hardcore server as a wolf is in a sheep’s clothing for the herd. It may seem like trash talking for you, but I will never stop arguing how this man is a bad influence on the game. I find that allowing acces for both 01 server and hardcore server to the NOn pvp chanell will put a definite end on these shameful operations for good.If server migraton is denied.. I dont see a better way.
  6. Ok, have a cool vacation Savage!
  7. Please consider it, many people are willing to move.
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