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[Guide] Rare Options


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The rare option system makes it possible for us to set different options on different equipment. 
For each item with rare options enabled you have a chance to have 1 or more options. 
You also have the possibility to re-evaluate these options to possibly get a better optionset.

You can know if a item has the possibilty for rare options by this text in the description:
This item has secret options
Use the RareOption NPC to identify. 


The RareOption NPC is in Laglamia.
It requires you to add your item, but also a Magnification Glass item to open.
This Magnification Glass can be purchased from different shops for Laim in Laglamia.



After you click Trade the server will create a list of options from a predefined pool of options. 
It will look like this (for example) :

Here you see that you have received 4 of the 11 possible options. 
If you are not happy with the options, there are 2 possibilities. 
1. Get a new item and hope to get better options
2. You can re-judge the options 

Re-Judging is a premium option and the required item can be bought in the LP Shop.
The item is called : Re-Judger

If you add this item, together with a new Magnification Glass and your equipment you will receive a new
list of options. Be aware that it is not guaranteed that there will be more options, it can also get worse. 

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