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[Guide] Rare Fancy


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We are started to introduce [Rare] Fancy's that are able to be upgraded. 
This can only be done with Fancy's with the [Rare] tag in the name.
The fancy's can be upgraded to +15

1. How to get this [Rare] Fancy
This fancy can be obtained from the new boss.

2. Where to upgrade ?
You can upgrade the set at the [Rare] Fancy Upgrader Npc in Laglamia

3. What items do i need
To upgrade the Fancy you need the [Rare] Fancy Upgrade Gem
You can drop this from the new boss
You will also need the MEGAGEM for this. 

4. How to get the MEGAGEM
The MEGAGEM needs to be created at a npc called MegaGem Combiner in Laglamia.
You will need the followin items to create one :

  • Great Amethyst
  • Great Topaz
  • Great Opal
  • Great Sapphire
  • Great Ruby
  • Great Emerald
  • Great Diamond
  • Great Regent Diamond

Here is a list of the current [Rare] Fancys :


12567.jpg [Rare]Holy Paladin Helm
12568.jpg [Rare]Holy Paladin Armor
12569.jpg [Rare]Holy Paladin Pants
12570.jpg [Rare]Holy Paladin Boots
12571.jpg [Rare]Holy Paladin Wings
12572.jpg [Rare]Holy Paladin Halo Necklace
12573.jpg [Rare]Saint of the Temple Hat
12574.jpg [Rare]Saint of the Temple Top
12575.jpg [Rare]Saint of the Temple Bottoms
12576.jpg [Rare]Saint of the Temple Shoes
12577.jpg [Rare]Saint of the Temple Wings
12578.jpg [Rare]Saint of the Temple Halo Necklace
12579.jpg [Rare]Assassins Helm
12580.jpg [Rare]Assassins Armor
12581.jpg [Rare]Assassins Pants
12582.jpg [Rare]Assassins Boots
12583.jpg [Rare]Assassins Wings
12584.jpg [Rare]Assassins Halo Necklace
12585.jpg [Rare]Battle Nun Veil
12586.jpg [Rare]Battle Nun Top
12587.jpg [Rare]Battle Nun Skirt
12588.jpg [Rare]Battle Nun Boots
12589.jpg [Rare]Battle Nuns Gauntlets
12590.jpg [Rare]Battle Nuns Halo Necklace


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Hi all, as soon as anyone got a full [Rare] Fancy set with maximum +, you can write a ticket to us that we add Full Option (HP, MP, SP, EP and recovery rate) to the parts for those it is possible to add full option. 

Have a great weekend 

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