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Searching for new Game Masters


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Hello everyone.

Sadly, recently 2 of our Game Masters decided to leave the staff team.
First i want to thank both of them for their continues effort to support this server. 
This also means that the workload for the other GM's has increased a lot.

Currently we are searching for 2 or 3 new Game Masters.
To be a GM for LHGenericName01 is a voluntary staff position. 
We are searching for someone that enjoys making the server a better place.
This can be done by removing cheaters or creating fun events for everyone to enjoy.

Please be aware that this is not a easy task.
Sometimes you might have to ban your best friend, maybe someone from your old guild is a cheater.
These are all things you have to deal with.

If you get selected to be a Game Masters on LHGenericName01 your powers are limited.
You will not be able to create items out of nothing, you won't be able to help anyone else, even if you want to.
However you will still be able to play your own characters.

If it interests you to become a Game Master for LHGenericName01 please send us a motivation ticket.
You can write your motivation (why should we pick you?) here :

Your motivation should include the following points:
- Country of residence, so that we know in which timezone you are.
- Spoken languages
- How long have you been playing LHGenericName01

- Why do you think you are a good candidate


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