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[GUIDE] Merac Castle War


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Merac Castle War is a war in the castle area of the map Merac. 


This war is a guilds vs guild war. 
The castle owner will defend their castle while the attacking guilds try to take over the castle. 

To register for this castle war you need to be the leader of a guild. 
You can register in the town of Merac.



When the war starts you will be teleported to your spawn pad. 
Each guild will have its own spawn pad.
This spawn pad is also a safe zone where you can not get hit. 
You are not safe on another guild's spawnpad.


The final battle in this war can only be fought with 3 guilds vs the defending guild. 
When there are more than 3 guilds registered to attack the castle, we need to have a field battle first. 
The field battle will last 15 minutes. 
During this field battle all the attacking guilds will fight against each other. 
For every kill your guild will receive a point. 
The 3 guilds with the most points after the 15 minutes will move on to the final battle. 
The final battle will be 30 minutes. 

This is the playing field.


The ultimate goal for the attacking guilds is to destroy the Sword of Power. 
But to get to the Sword of Power we first need to open the doors to the castle. 

Each door is protected by 2 golems. 
To open the door you have to kill these golems. 
But beware, the defending guild will try to stop you from killing these. 
(The defending guild will have all doors opened and can walk trough at any time)


When this door is opened you can move on to the inner door. 
Once this door is also opened you have access to the Throne room. 

In the Throne room you will see the Sword of Power

Here is where it gets interesting. 
Only the Guild Master and the Generals are able to hit the Sword of Power. 
It is best to just use a normal hit on this.
For every second that you are hitting the Sword of Power you will gain 1 point and its HP will lower 1 point.
The normal guild members will do everything they can to protect the Guild Masters and the Generals from the defending guild. 

The defending guild will win when the Sword of Power is still alive after 30 minutes
The attacking guild will win when the Sword of Power is dead within the 30 minutes, the guild with the most points wins.

When will the war run :
When it is completely finished and tested we will set a definite day/hour schedule.

What will the reward be :
We will announce this on the final release of this event.


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