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[Event] Cursed Woods PVE


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Cursed Woods PVE

What is the goal of this event:
In this even we will fight waves of monsters and bosses against time. 
During this event we all have to work together because the waves happen in different places at the same time.
After each round there will be a boss. 
Finish all the rounds before the time runs out to get nice rewards!


A little bit before the event starts you will be requested to go to Cursed Woods.
You can find it in the teleporter in Laglamia.

You will end up in a big maze where every room looks the same.
Luckily it is easy to navigate with the minimap and the teleporters


The event has 5 rounds, each round will fill a random room with random monsters. 
Round 1 will have 1 room, Round 2 will have 2 rooms, etc..

spacer.png spacer.png

On the right side of your screen below the radar you can see how many monsters are left in each room.
It also shows you how much time there is left to finish this round.
Luckily, you don't have to search for the monsters, they show on the minimap. 


When all the monsters in a room are killed, the locator on the minimap will show green



Try to get as far as you can.
The more people that work together, the easier it is.

Disclaimer :
The amount of monsters, drops and time can change every time as we finetune to make sure its not too easy and not too hard.


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