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hello admin
what kind of unprofitable gm do you have
she makes an update then she adds easter eggs and a received everybody gives out cash and levels like the stupid
and at the end of x4 nothing happens here and it gets worse and worse and if you write to her she pisses you off
it is useless
there are a lot of members angry what they pull off here
she supposedly noticed it around noon and didn't write or change anything

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Hello joerg3007

I had this morning explained to me that the Received EXP display means that it is a kind of EXP memory.

Regarding this, I thought you would get this EXP at the end of the x 4 event.

According to guild members, this should be an indication of error. as one has just found out.

You can't even get in touch via world chat.
or show ne info when logging in.

If you had known that beforehand, you could have used this Sunday differently.

Competence team is really worth investing money here.
I emphasize again that I'm new and, unlike others, haven't put that much money into here, but that's how you lose games

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