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#1 Administrator



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Posted 05 May 2016 - 09:17 AM

Soon there will be a brand new update for LHGenericName01.
This update will include some new equipment, new leveling spaces for levels 300~500.

New bosses, New Skills, New Daily Events.
But, since its not me who will be playing it, i would like to know.
What do you want to see new or changed?
The crazyer the better! the bigger the better, but small ideas are also welcome!
The most original ideas will be rewarded with a nice LP reward!


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#2 alviko2010



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Posted 05 May 2016 - 09:56 AM

a thing upgrade lv pet and size the monster please make big size not sam size a kurmon di s1. and for selling open shop please make real gold because max sell shop only 192gold. make sell prize shop no limited. thank you

#3 dollar



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Posted 05 May 2016 - 10:29 AM

  • i want a window private chat (now Laghaim base on IRC (internet relay chat), its time to move forward like mIRC 15 years ago), make nickname when shout in //sales can be click , then splash  window private chat to that nickname

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#4 UltraLeader



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Posted 05 May 2016 - 10:54 AM

1. Please fixed Friend List. Someone online but shows Dekardi
2. We need more rare LP dress and weapons and please make Costume dress upgradable.
3. EXP x2 event everyday not only weekday.
4. Lv 400 shield make it upgradable too.
5. Make every players walking speed about 10% faster for free.
6. Drop and Lime Rate can raise to x30
7. LP items' price must fix such as GS500 should be 30,000 LP. GS400 should be 8,000 LP. GS350 should be 2,000 LP. Great Regent Diamond 2,000 LP. Upgrade Warranty 100% 20,000 LP. EXP ATK DEF 200% should be 500 LP.
8. China Dress Top (Female) 7 day price is wrong (604,800LP).
9. Make LP Dress No Time Limit you can sell for higher price !!
10. LP NPC add Lv 400 and Lv 500 +10 Weapons for all race 2,000 LP per day.
11. LP NPC add Lv 450 +15 set each one 2,000 LP per day.
12. Give Online players 100m lime every 1 hour. That people won't offline and make game more popular !!!
13. New skills for Lv 350, 400, 450, 500, 600, 700
14. Make skills CD not too long
15. Make all monsters spawn much faster !!! Such as spawn new monsters every 5 secs !
16. Make Lv 400 Axe looks bigger.
17. Make +10 Weapon not only has gold light around. Make it more shiny and colorful like +15 Lv 261 !!!

18. Make players Lv gap only 10. For example, Lv 400 is hard to kill Lv 410 but not far like Lv 430.!

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#5 Pepsi


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Posted 05 May 2016 - 11:10 AM

we want new aura 600 650 700 and new armor 500 600 700.
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#6 furion207



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Posted 05 May 2016 - 11:41 AM

1. EXP x2 event everyday not only weekday.

2. Please create a new skill for bulkan immune to kalipton.

3.create a new folder for the boss of level 400 for 5 folders with spawn like 5 folder in dmitron

4.Another interesting event in order to create interest not laghaim players reduced.. as a haloowin event with hollowin cloack.

5.the addition of inventory slots

6.Please activate all NPCs in lagmania like the gambler npc. so that all the stones for an upgrade could be more interesting


the dolo my small requests and suggestions for GM Laghaim generic dah success always this game be the best

:) :) :)

#7 Fynn



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Posted 05 May 2016 - 11:43 AM

for me personally the biggest improvement would be to either never turn on x2 and increase overall exp a bit to compensate, or always x2. tho i think the first would be better. if u still want to do some kind of weekly events, u could rotate between "old" lowlvl areas and buff the values of the mobs there so people can party up and level in these old areas that lost nearly all their place in the game since you skip everything from lag/lost realm/shilon/sea/dekadun/gwh. maybe if its possible make it so we can do these in dmg party and allow players from all levels to experience these zones together...maybe u can overhaul the exp calc in party for this - i guess the party part is a bit much, but recycling old zones feels like an easy and good addition to change the scene and keep the playing experience a bit more fresh
i rarely find myself playing the game when there is no x2. id lvl everyday if it was otherwise, but when there is no x2 i feel like im wasting my lp points. also during x2 everything is really crowded and since i also got other stuff to do my overall playtime of laghaim went down quite a bit because of the x2. i think id play much more if there wasnt a specific time where u get more exp. some of my friends share this concerns as well


also some very minor thing that bothers my since forever: make the npcs in genus not disapear or add dmi to the zonewarp for 275+ ppl


also some kind of daily instanced dungeon would be very cool, by instanced i mean like evolution encounter or dekaran is, maybe make it waves of monsters you have to beat in a certain time, or just one big map that you can only clear once per day. rewards could be anything from items to nothing but just the challenge/exp u get from it


i would also like to get rid of the "miss" system, at least against normal mobs, against bosses its ok. make it like in dmitron, if u have the 20% in your weapon you dont miss. it just an unfun system. it adds nothing to the game. its not fun its not interactiv, u cant influence it. its just annoying. you wait for that cool skill you got to get off cooldown, just to see it miss. its just frustrating. it also punishes certain classes that are more reliant on single skills much more than other classes. 


maybe make killing mutants at least kind of worth it. in the past they dropped class 3 stones. it really wasnt much. but the new ones just drop nothing. with the way the game progressed, you could maybe let them drop something thats at least worth a little bit, like a gold box or maybe a lug+worm. or class 1 regent. just anything
also get rid of useless drops like soul powder aldevaran soul etc. when i stay at the same spot for like 2 minutes i have to deactivate the drops or i cant see anything cause the floor is littered with soul powder and other stuff noone ever picks up.






#8 b4tos4y



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Posted 05 May 2016 - 11:59 AM

1.  Please fix time out game, because many of his characters are often caught.

2.  Please quest in s4 his boss do not get too far with her children.

3.  Please sold exp and attack 200% 1 hour in LP shop, at time 2 1/2 hours of prices.

4.  GM help her to be diligent patrol so that cheaters do not exist in the game, because there are those who use cheat in boss folder so that this game can run smoothly and length.

5.  And please do not be in the items + weapon shop selling LP to maintain price stability in the game.

6.  And if you can dropan recipe of 100% in just remove the folder on your boss, so that the price of DD, UW, EF and others not destroyed its price.

7.  Costume event sold permanently in LP shop with high prices.

8.  If lvl would be raised to 800 or 900 lv difficult for, so that their low level can be followed.

9.  2x exp event 2 days - 3 days and its normal exp 2 to 3 days as well, because it feels bored if it's too long its normal exp.

10. Dimitron portal for lv 1 you can put in the prison shop.


#9 arseus77



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Posted 05 May 2016 - 12:13 PM

I would like to put a mount, would be very useful, it would be good that you guys aumentacem def the boss to q one is equal aintigamente when it needed a group of 16 players to kill the boss and improvements to drop them too, because it would unite players again, and return the set hero that drake tava by kill you, and add set into the lvs above 500 and new auras, it would be well a pvp event per class, each class against the very ClassA, and let balanciadas races to be more fair. could release plus the 35x until the 15 as in the original, and finally I know it is impossible more would be really cool to play if it is had a new race, more this and ask more rsrsrs

#10 vallo



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Posted 05 May 2016 - 12:26 PM

My suggestion Is : 

1. Fix Bulkan 300 Skill Because Sometimes No Damage With Monster Without NO MISS

2. Fix Map S4 Can See Party & Guild Member Location

3. Fix Map Turan,Balkariya,Barsha,Queiz,Beargrid Enter Bos Room No Hit Kick Out To Base So Some Player Can Not Booking Bos Room

4. Fix Unstuck System Because Sometimes We Send Tiket But Waiting Long Time For Unstuck So Our 200% EXP,ATK,DEF, Is Wasted

5. Upgrade Slot Inventory & Asian Bandar


Thanks GM For Let We Give Some Suggestion To Improved This Game More Fun  :)  :)  :)

#11 AKG


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Posted 05 May 2016 - 12:40 PM

1. make weapon 500 tradeable.

2. reduce poison dmg of KP for PVP.

3. new skill,new map,new boss and maybe new tribe.

4. new weapon 600 or 700 and new armor and hi meta lv 600 or 700 and new aura too.

5. new lv up to lv 800-999. but make harder for up at this lv. so no many ppl will get easy to reach that lv.

6. new 2nd weapon for all race.

7. make favourite hunting map like s1 s3 s4 bigger area and more monster spawn so many ppl can hunt.

8. make personal shop can use plat bull or red bull for selling item.

9. make all great gems like GRD GD etc for dobble right click to move 10ea so we no need move 1-1 anymore.

10. free LP for character always online. maybe 100 LP/1 hour.

11. make slot of werehouse larger from 3 slot to 5 or 6 slot.

12. make deff effect for set armor when pvp. so good deff hard to kill.

                                                                                                                                                 Best Regard




#12 Rabby



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Posted 05 May 2016 - 12:55 PM



- Defense UP :


if u wan up more defense just need
magic shield seems like a kalipton
human and aidia....


- Avoidance UP :


up a Dodge Chance, if perom have 60% chance just make it real no matter his enemy higher than 30 lv or lower 30 lv or same perom now if he have same level or under his enemy his dodge is useless, NOTE : perom doesnt have meta, perom doesnt have shield, perom waste so many point in skill and his weapon so perom just have low status and his hp so... if a perom avoidance or dodge useless what a perom can do???


- Long Range Skill :


why perom need Long Range Skill ??

- cause Perom Have Low HP

- No Have Magic Shield [like a Kalipton, Aidia, Human]

- Onehit Kill vs Kalipton with Flame Spear [Lv.300] or with Tornado [Lv.200]

- his Avoidance is Useless in same Level or Under Enemies Level





- Not Just Support Characer


if aidia is not a just Support Character maybe Aidia

Need More Damage in Tantalos and his Area Skill

up Tantalos Damage

and up Area Skill Distance from 3 Monster become a 10 or 15 Monster can kill in same time

Need to Up his Area Skill Damage too


- Support Character


If aidia is a Real Support Character maybe Aidia

Need More Duration Time Buff and Need More Boost of Effect

Example :

Def Up Effect 10% Up Def and Duration 70s make it Def Up Effect 20% and Duration 300s

Atk Up Effect 10% Up Atk and Duration 70s make it Atk UP Effect 20% and Duration 300s

HP Up Effect 10% Up HP and Duration 70s make it HP Up Effect 20% and Duration 300s

Edited by Rabby, 06 May 2016 - 05:30 AM.

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#13 pattiwael



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Posted 05 May 2016 - 01:19 PM

1.            In selling not just limited to gold, but until the red billion

2.            If we diseble chat, then we also lost trade and could not be read. If you can trade is also

               not lost. Because we can post trade while chatting with my friends.

3.            Items such as GRD, GD, Box-box etc. can not just move all the right click. Try corrected                  for it.

4.            Please indicate time of war on a website, or always out schedule announcements war in                  the game.

5.            Monster kurmon ineffective at S3 because it was too loud. If HP "kurmon" lowered like HP                "ice risk", so many places to leveling.

6.            Event EXP x2 or x1.5 Exp 2 or 3 hours a day.

7.            Upgrade Level to level 750

8.            Dekadun not too familiar, maybe a change in exp, hp and damage monsters in dekadun.                  level map at level 400

9.            Drop Items from boss dekaran there needs to be improvement.

10.          Reduction of PK - 50 if one player hitting another player, this reduction is calculated as                    char purple.

11.          Reduction of PK -120 if one player kills another player.

12.          So if someone kills another player, then the total reduction PK = -170

13.          Event level once every month, but only for three days.

14.          Create event of war or war map 5 vs 5 or 8 vs 8 with a distance of 10 or 20 level, but not                  in the open field, map-shaped hallways as we play the game Counter Strike

15.          Upgrade summon above tuntalos, so Aidia can also quest weapon 500


#14 andakeb



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Posted 05 May 2016 - 01:28 PM

please dont ask things to changed drastically,that can ruin the game

 1. just make people on all channel can connected/chatting/whispering

 2. if we use loudspeaker,all channel can hear it

 3 . maybe can improve human damage,because human is so weak now,hard for leveling

 4. bk 300 skill are too weak either

 5. aidia damage need improvement and tantalos damage and hp now is very weak

 6. fix all map bug,so no one can do it accidentally

 7. make lp discount 3 days every month

 8. make lottery for top up lp,so if you buy much lp,your chance is bigger to get prize

 9. gm online actively on no pvp too

10. erase useless item on lp shop

11. add 10 k & 15 k mp& ep potion

12. maybe can add restoration scroll on lp shop, so if we lost item because of fail when upgrade,we can got it again with downgrade 3 plus point. for example +8 to +9 failed and lost,we can restore it,and become +5 >.<

13. max status for every char can add to 2000 point :)


#15 meruduke


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Posted 05 May 2016 - 01:34 PM

we need more gambling options on game hohoho

#16 Leah



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Posted 05 May 2016 - 02:13 PM

To overcome the 192 gold merchants restrictions: must be done cutting the value of lime / redenomination. so the transaction can be done with lime although it could be with a bar / platinum bullion bars or red.
way is to reduce the price of each bar.
bronze bullion will be 500,000 lime
silver bullion will be 1,000,000 lime
gold bullion will be 2,000,000 lime
platinum bullion will be lime 40,000,000 (equivalent to 20 gold)
red bullion will be 800,000,000 (equivalent to 20 platinum)
After that you can add a new bar for value types 500,000,000, 1,000,000,000, 2,000,000,000 lime. And then this new bar is the one that will be used to trade using the merchant's shop. Replace bronze, silver, and gold bullion is now used at the merchant's shop. Or simply just adding a new type of bullion with the value of 2,000,000,000, which is the maximum value for lime.
but the adjustment should be made on the price of goods in all NPC and lime values ​​obtained from monsters to be balanced.
And the most important thing is when the process of redenomination is needed emptying lime value to 0 on each character as well as on Aisian Bandor, to adjust the value of the new lime.
By this we do not need an NPC to exchange bullion bars, just added to the NPC where we can buy that bar at NPC.
With the end result we are able to trade using merchat shop without worrying limitation value.
Then to overcome the difficulties player to reach areas s4 you can add a "memory warp" special for s4 area that can be purchased only from LP shop at a high price. I think this will be a lot of items purchased from the LP shop.
Additional ideas: (Added: May, 6 2016)
To anticipate the lack of leveling area and vied with each other:
Create a place for 600 ++ level where the party required size 6-10 people to fight monsters. Make it as strong as possible monster that can only be killed with 6-10 people party, but with high exp.
Make exp higher if the more the number of party, and make exp smaller when fewer party participants.
Is expected to create a togetherness and friendship in the game. Not like now where leveling is very individual and over time will make bored.

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#17 moli


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Posted 05 May 2016 - 02:15 PM

My suggestion :

1. Could you make Personal shop still online while the character already log out ?

    So players no need on the game all the time just to sell items for 24 hours or more

2. Put platinum gold and red gold on Personal shop system, so players can buy item higher 192 gold

3. Please, new map with all new monster,

    Most of monster in S1, S2, S3 adn S4 from previous map but with different level. 

4. Increase feragon's level until 300 and also increase speed, atk and def

#18 carlosalves



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Posted 05 May 2016 - 02:38 PM

I think we could have new skills!
Lvl 350 lvl 400 lvl 450 lvl 500: Lvl 350 increase damage and defense party, Lvl 400 area damage lvl450 increase xp x200% with 10 minutes charging time 20 min lvl 500 all races equal to teleport Aidia

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#19 Numb3


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Posted 05 May 2016 - 02:41 PM

1. Event not only the end of the week more would be nice to have events on weekdays for about 3 4 hours every day with a fixed schedule.
2. Have the arena Mobious world where everything to go just to pvp any time of the day and have a fee to enter and whoever has the most points at the end of the month to win limited sets as the only hero that more pvp
3. Run the defense buff in perom is also a good
4.Ter a map for Aidia for it are leveling group is impossible to make a xp similar to Bulkan, magician, perom in s3 or s4 with the damage it
5. Have more event sets to sell the LP are not being limited a few also had unlimited equal before selling the taewkondo, kendo, school etc.
6. To increase the urbantus wizard wand and fix some skills that are useless, as the glove does not work
7. Increase the damage Bulkan in 300 because in pvp does not have any damage, and see if you can make the skill 100 of it back as it was before having the chance to miss one when she ussasse
8. Increase the damage of the skill Aidia flora 175 because not too good for nothing
9. Have a map with only boss with the low rate of drop is more than the entire map would be nice to see people coming together to kill
10. Increase the level of feragon up to 200 or more so you can blocar in other maps
11. Arrange the plus in the event sets
12. Power Sell 100% or 50% plus in the shop for personal trading
13. Lower a little the price of things in the LP as it has no meaning GRD the 40K and 30K to God Stone is that no one will buy because the prices as too high
14. Making Gumbler Jewel Jenny have more chances to do great or even increase the value and make the greater the chance
15. Having a so pvp event with the same former classes: mage against mage, Bulkan against Bulkan, Aidia against Aidia and so on
16. Having a 100% for the evo to be able to put him over 7 Options how to set and weapons could also work on evo
17. Do more events involving drop as occurred in the other serves as the upa or pvp event because for those who have less lvl's or items have more chance to compete
18. Pinching the Boss Buff in s3 because when he kills he gets the% xp high for a few seconds only
19. Have the guild War back because now sells guild up the LP NPC's who you want to disable only the leveling guid and cancel
20. Have more shields and weapons to put on the event slot, I'm not asking for it to be cheap, also I think it would not be fair there could put a reasonable value for the players and for the game
21. Try to create a system where you could exchange to LP as in trade where lime boot could put LP
22. Power Pass the shields 400 and 500 in trade or in shop
23. Use the new bars that have to buy the items in the personal shop
24. Having more pvp events in laglamia field or some other event because it was a place that many people would now no longer know what it is that
25. Have events involving LP as the holidays could be some 2x or more discount to the Brazilian that the dollar is up there there is heavy on the pocket
26. Have some aura or ring like those shining who won the top 1 on up event, something for those caught lvl 600,700 so on it would get cooler uses the aura and the ring or the same system who takes the lvl 345 do a quest to win the item because a lot of people was in distress handle that so lvl to have the fairy would be nice to have that feeling again
27. Having an increase in the ancestral ring may put more than 5 choices
28. Do some weekly surprise event more often because there are times when the game gets unbearable with nothing to do
29. Power to have a seal that boot critical defense more or more set or weapon
30. Power to sell the quest weapon 500, it is virtually impossible to solo with a Aidia
31. Summon New to the Aidia or even increase defense and damage Tantalos because it is too weak after the map s1 and ends up tortando useless
32. Have more event sets for marketing to perom because there are very little and very expensive, so who has almost no item is impossible to buy can buy for LP
33. Have boss for the guild possar kill him or join some friends and kill like before it had to be about 12 to 13 heads so kill a boss the game is more united and there is also more friendships within the game
34. Putting the LP sets 45x + 10 for a limited time because 15 would be very unfair
35. Increase the damage of MK3, EF, Urbantus, Dragon Stone because only serve to garnish it being impossible to use the maps besides s3
36. Increase Points 1600 to 1500 if increasing the level beyond 700 would be fair to increase the points also
Thank You For Attention and evaluate my suggestions

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#20 debute



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Posted 05 May 2016 - 02:46 PM

1.Update Hero level up to a maximum of 1000 that are already level 700 can still play
2.Update Map s5 for level 700+ and adjust the level of monster
3.Update 500 Set+0 and 600 Set+0 and 700 Set+0
4.Update 460 Set+0, 560 Set+0, 660 Set+0 can be like 360 Set+0 with another recipe
5.Update 460 Set+10 + 500 Set+0 = 550 Set+0
6.Update 560 Set+10 + 600 Set+0 = 650 Set+0
7.Update 660 Set+10 + 700 Set+0 = 750 Set+0
8.Update Armor 450 Set+15, 550 Set+15, 650 Set+15, 750 Set+15 in the rental at a price 30.000 LP 1 Month in LP shop
9.Update Weapon 400+10, 500+10, 600 +10, 700+10 in the rental at a price 30.000 LP 1 Month in LP shop
10.Price in LP Shop Great Regent Diamond 5.000, gs350 5.000, gs400 8.000, gs500 10.000, gs600 15.000, gs700 20.000   
11.Upgrade Warranty 100% price 20.000 in LP shop
12.New Aura Hero level 550, 600, 650, 700 etc
13.Great Regent Diamond etc for dobble right click to move 10ea
14.Personal Shop can use Platinum Bull or Red Bull for selling items
15.Random Fishing with a Worm gets Shark and Lug gets Whale
all that is in LHGN I love it and have a bit of advice from me, thank you for your attention GM.
I hope that LHGN grow and become the idol of all gamers .

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