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Posted 31 January 2016 - 02:31 PM

Today i want to update a few new things to LHGenericName01. 

- Level 500 weapons
We have created a few quests that need to be done to make the new level 500 weapon.
The quests are started from a item you can buy in the new map.
When the quest is finished you get a reward item, save 1 of each item to create a exchange token.
You will need 2 exchange tokens, 2 GS500 and a weapon 400+10 to upgrade to 500+0.
The GS500 can be obtained from killing the bosses in the new map.

- Forlorn Ruin S4 added
To support the new weapons we have enabled access to S4.
You can go there if you are minimal level 500.
This map is a real maze filled with the most dangerous creatures!
This map is only accessible on the PVP server for now.

- Wanted System
Adopted from the Korean Adult server this system allows you to set a bounty on your bully.
Are you not strong enough to kill that guy that is always pestering you?
Now you can set a bounty on his head and make him wanted all across the server.
The person that kills him will automatically receive the money you put on his head!
The NPC can be found in Laglamia center

- God Weapon Rental
You can now rent +10 god weapons for one day from a NPC in Laglamia. 

- New LP items
* Chaos Ball 2 (Dark) - This item will increase your moving speed by 50% for 60 minutes
* [LHGN] HP Extend potion - This item will increase your HP with 30.000 for 30 minutes

- Trading
Level 400 weapons and some LP items are now made trade able. 

Updates still being worked on:
- Old skool Mobius pvp war system (Matrix), 3 non existing guilds against each other (because we don't have 3 servers).
- Newer Mobius map for the comming level 500 and 600 armor
- Client bitmap text renderer to kill the low FPS gdi text writer

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