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[Normal Server] Event Level June 2021


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1 hour ago, Bloodborne said:

You mean pict from the right one?

[E] Rubelite Wyvern Blade = Bulkan

[E] Rubelite Wyvern Axe = Bulkan

[E] Titanite Unicorn Staff = Kailipton

[E] Malachite Ryan Blaster = Human

[E] Benny Loit Dragon Ring = Aidia

[E] Hesonite Viper Hammer = Hybrider

[E] Hesonite Viper Dual Sword = Hybrider

[E] Florite Devils Spear = Perom

Yes, thank u :) 

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3 hours ago, Sparco said:

why the set 700 for top 10 rewards its not Demon Set its totaly difrent model with Demon set in Game

Open u ticket bro 

GM have fix u wrong set 

before i have got same u wrong set

but now fixed i got demon set

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Good afternoon Sir.

How are you?

I wish everyone of us have good days during this pandemic. Amen.

Sir, I wonder when will the drawing for Lucky Event Lottery be done? Is it possible to make the drawing goes live in Youtube? I believe it will be more exciting to see who win the lottery if the drawing goes live in Youtube.

Thank you Sir.


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