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[Normal Server] Event Level June 2021


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Event Level Ends. Thank you for participation


(Live Stream)


Lucky event winner:
1.   SUNNY8282 594
2.   SUNNY4444 602
3.   SUNNY19 96 652
4.   SUNNY7777  653
5.   SUNNY0289 5 00
6.   SUNNY0896 500 
7.   SUNNY7015 650
8.   SUNNY8999 653
9.   SUNNY8078 518
10.  SUNNY2030 501

Congratulations ^^






Top-10 winner need open a Ticket with this format:

<tribe>-<rank>-<character name>

ID: <username>
PIN: <your PIN>
Email: <your email>
Weapon : 
ID: genericname
PIN: 4321
Email: <name@domain.com>
Weapon: Axe

For out of TOP-10 need to redeem rewards from website, rewards will sent automatically





00.pngevent level june 2021.pngTop 2 3.pngTop10-3.png





20% Donation Promo during the Level Event!


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1 hour ago, Bloodborne said:

For Reward Fancy Set

You can choose the Fancy set that already exist in game from any Events, only in game not in Forum like Auction or LMS mode

Wing 800 900? 1 ea or full fancy slot weapon shield armor wing ring blaaa...?

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2 hours ago, Bloodborne said:
New Dryad Pet (slot 2)
Options :
- Steal HP 3%
- Potion Power 10% (Recovery potion, it will be stack from your AR 30+10)
- Inc All Damage 5%


All New Pets will be place on slot 2

Recovery power will be stacked, then Increasing all damage also will be stacked?(red wolf 5% + Dryad 5% total 10% damage increase?, if I have Berdandi+wolf, total 20% damage will be increased? )

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51 minutes ago, Hyppocrite said:

Tier2 for lv 500 is Elite Saint Flute or Euterfe Flute? cause Shadow Flute is Tier3

Because lv 650 get an Elite Sub I assume it is the non-Elite Euterfe Flute for lv 500.

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On 7/23/2021 at 5:47 PM, reZayn said:


are there any picture of the fancy weapon? It´s hard to decide what Item to choose when we dont know how they look.

I totally agree, it's hard to choose when u just know the marine fancy weapons which u can buy in LP shop laglamia

A list of what fancy weapons are available would be very good


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3 minutes ago, Sefa said:

What's the Name of the Hammer below the 2 LP Shop pictures? 

You mean pict from the right one?

[E] Rubelite Wyvern Blade = Bulkan

[E] Rubelite Wyvern Axe = Bulkan

[E] Titanite Unicorn Staff = Kailipton

[E] Malachite Ryan Blaster = Human

[E] Benny Loit Dragon Ring = Aidia

[E] Hesonite Viper Hammer = Hybrider

[E] Hesonite Viper Dual Sword = Hybrider

[E] Florite Devils Spear = Perom

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On 7/27/2021 at 10:23 PM, Mayara01 said:

Hello GM

in Note said (all rewards for top 10 is follow u lv)

so when i can up to lv800+ but i top4-10 i can get weapon 800?? 


The rewards says Weapon 700, when your level 600 but rank 4 you will get Weapon 600

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