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[Normal Server] Event Level June 2021


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1 hour ago, Bloodborne said:

For Reward Fancy Set

You can choose the Fancy set that already exist in game from any Events, only in game not in Forum like Auction or LMS mode

Wing 800 900? 1 ea or full fancy slot weapon shield armor wing ring blaaa...?

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2 hours ago, Bloodborne said:
New Dryad Pet (slot 2)
Options :
- Steal HP 3%
- Potion Power 10% (Recovery potion, it will be stack from your AR 30+10)
- Inc All Damage 5%


All New Pets will be place on slot 2

Recovery power will be stacked, then Increasing all damage also will be stacked?(red wolf 5% + Dryad 5% total 10% damage increase?, if I have Berdandi+wolf, total 20% damage will be increased? )

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51 minutes ago, Hyppocrite said:

Tier2 for lv 500 is Elite Saint Flute or Euterfe Flute? cause Shadow Flute is Tier3

Because lv 650 get an Elite Sub I assume it is the non-Elite Euterfe Flute for lv 500.

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