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  1. Hello Admin I haven't been able to check my personal store because I haven't been able to "right shift and click" since the Windows 11 update on my laptop computer. Is there anyone who has experienced these symptoms even if they don't update? Just in case, when I accessed the game operated by the main server in Korea, even though it was Windows 11, the "right shift and click" worked well, allowing me to check my personal store. Currently, it is really difficult to enjoy the game because the store cannot be checked and it is inconvenient to trade or party, so is it possible to patch it as soon as possible?
  2. Recovery power will be stacked, then Increasing all damage also will be stacked?(red wolf 5% + Dryad 5% total 10% damage increase?, if I have Berdandi+wolf, total 20% damage will be increased? )
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