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    Mobius Times

    Hi, Can someone make a sticky topic with the Mobius Event times please? Timetable burned down with the old forum. Many thanks.
  2. Because lv 650 get an Elite Sub I assume it is the non-Elite Euterfe Flute for lv 500.
  3. "Each purchase will generate a chance for you to win" Does this mean if I buy one potion I have literally one "lottery ticket" and if I buy ten potions I have ten "lottery tickets"? And if someone else buy one thousand I have still 10:1000 chance to win? Just to clarify. :)
  4. This always drop 5 each Armor Scroll A & B, and sometimes Generic Stone 700, maybe 600 & 500 too. No clue what the other two drop, never done them. Would assume same drop table than Creepy Crawler.
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