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  1. Right, so you put the minimum that is the brider or human, and the highest the stone can go, fantastic you are a genius my friend 😁
  2. So to you 200 G that is the shield or lets say 20x5 is the same, your math is terrible, use a calcalator.
  3. There is no comparison between a stone that its worth 3-5 gold each with a shield/wing/cape that ita worth haundreds. If you dont believe me check the ingame prices. It’s absurd to compare the value of the two, fact.
  4. Hi Gms, The Perom gets 5x 800 stones in stead of shield, which on the market they cost just a few gold and a 800 shield/wing cost maybe 700-800 G which is unfair. Could you give for Perom 925 stones?
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