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  2. Hey, are there any picture of the fancy weapon? It´s hard to decide what Item to choose when we dont know how they look.
  3. how did you fix this, its happening to me
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  5. Yes Gm and Admin dont make a good server alone, but there are these player who seek mostly personal fulfillment. Players are selfish, most of them. And some players will allways want to buy your goods free if possible while you need something from them, they’ll try to take even the skin off your bones for it. The man you appoint as Gs is running a shameful operations of beguiling new unsuspecting players in purchasing his crap arguing how it is good and useful for them “Rare” <<in his own words, for a cloak with 1 def selling for more than 100 gold>> This man is a GS for the hardcore server as a wolf is in a sheep’s clothing for the herd. It may seem like trash talking for you, but I will never stop arguing how this man is a bad influence on the game. I find that allowing acces for both 01 server and hardcore server to the NOn pvp chanell will put a definite end on these shameful operations for good.If server migraton is denied.. I dont see a better way.
  6. Ok, have a cool vacation Savage!
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  8. summer+ release from confinment + no real event make player get elsewhere ! don't worry pavani i will come back soon :))
  9. fripiu


    My game don't run well, the fps is all the time bellow 5, but my computer is god, run a lot of games. I can can do to resolve this? My grapich card is a nvidia gtx 1050
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  11. Please consider it, many people are willing to move.
  12. We don't offer the service to transfer all your data from one server to the other.
  13. would it be possible that one trancformiert his char with his things from the hardcore server to the normal server?
  14. Hello dennis! Hardcore Server was created after many players asked that wanted something harder, they played for a while and gave up, like this has been happening for 4 years, players come and go! GM tries to do what is possible, but no Server is made only of GM and Administrator, we always need the collaboration of players to be Server attractive to new players. If we don't have players the Server Hard will just be closed, but Administrator once told me something that as long as we had 1 player online it wouldn't close! LHGenericName01 has two options, Normal Server and Hardcore Server, feel free to choose where you want to play.
  15. hello dear lahaim players have a concern! So I've been playing on the hardcore server for a long time and it's just empty no players maybe 2 or 3; (maybe you can vote whether you connect the server to the normal server so that everyone can play together and there is more space is to play. to inspire a few more people to play again who have good things on the hardcore but don't play anymore because nothing is going on. maybe there will be an answer from gm;)
  16. Normal Server : Monday - 20:00h Tuesday - 23:00h Wednesday - 02:00h Thursday - 05:00h Friday - 08:00h Saturday - 11:00h Sunday - 17:00h Hardcore Server: Monday - 18:00h Tuesday - 11:00h Wednesday - 08:00h Thursday - 04:00h Friday - 17:00h Saturday - 20:00h Sunday - 15:00h
  17. Ginjer

    Mobius Times

    you can see the Mobius Time klick Wiki CFT Capture the Flag )
  18. yolo

    Mobius Times

    Hi, Can someone make a sticky topic with the Mobius Event times please? Timetable burned down with the old forum. Many thanks.
  19. in new map room dont have BUFF sever atk def hp same other map please check thank you [URL=https://www.directupload.net][IMG]https://s20.directupload.net/images/210708/io63ugyd.png[/IMG][/URL]
  20. Hello GM hardcore sever can't in new map Nine Curve Dungeon
  21. - A new dungeon world called Nine Curve Dungeon - Around 20 new monsters and bosses - Level 999 cap - Level 950 Armor set - Great Turquoise (for upgrade new armor) - Great Generic Stone (for upgrade new armor) - Recipe Weapon 925 tradeable We are currently working on new weapons in another new world
  22. Because lv 650 get an Elite Sub I assume it is the non-Elite Euterfe Flute for lv 500.
  23. The servers were restarted and everything should work again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  24. Tier2 for lv 500 is Elite Saint Flute or Euterfe Flute? cause Shadow Flute is Tier3
  25. Hybrider cannot use Tornado Hammer + Electric Hammer
  26. hi when did the problem gonna fixed? kp can't use flame spear,aidia can't use summon squad etc thank you
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